[PROPOSAL] Montly live event for NxM members in the Metaverse


I’d like to write a proposal for building out the NxM community by putting together a monthly live performance series in the metaverse.

I’ve been working towards building out the community, alongside Vandal, at DAOrecords since February, and would like to continue these efforts. During this time, I’ve been having introductory meetings regularly with musicians new to the space and then bringing them into the NxM telegram community. Often, we’ve helped feature artists from the community at the weekly DAOdrops, but after that, I feel there is space for more drops and events that keep our community members engaged, as well as a space to do future drops with in-world events featuring live performances that keep our community connected with one another beyond just an initial NFT.

I’d like to be able to continue these efforts to organize a monthly live performance event in cryptovoxels featuring members of the NxM guild. *Edit 2 to denote that I have secured a 2nd venue in cryptovoxels for this event if granted

Budget Breakdown: 60 NEAR for my time 20 NEAR to venue 20 NEAR to performers
TOTAL Request: 100 NEAR/mo timeline tbd
NEAR name: bonepoliceofficial.near

Jacob Bruggman

Thank you!