[Approved] Season 2 DAOdrops


I’d like to make a proposal for a DAOdrops DAO in order to continue building out the NxM community by continuing DAOdrops with a second season, as well as putting together a monthly live performance series in the metaverse.

I’ve been working towards building out the community, alongside Vandal, at DAOrecords since February, and would like to continue these efforts. During this time, I’ve been having introductory meetings regularly with musicians new to the space and then bringing them into the NxM telegram community. Often, we’ve helped feature artists from the community at the weekly DAOdrops, but after that, I feel there is space for more drops/events that keep our community members engaged, which I’d like to start building towards with in-world live performances that keep our community connected with one another beyond just an initial NFT drop.

I am teamed with Ian Prebo and Dalton Ford who are both members of the NxM guild, as well as part of the Bittrees family, providing us access to venues in cryptovoxels.

What we propose to do with this project:
*Three drops a month
-Weekly interview with featured artists
-Week of promotional videos
-Assistance with minting works
-In-world drop party in Cryptovoxels at a Bittrees property

*One Live/PreRecorded event
-Live twitch stream performance to feature the months artists
-Week of promotional videos
-Voxel wearable exclusive to the event
-Pay artists for performing to set preccident for artist compensation

*We would aim to further establish DAOdrops as a platform to benefit and grow the NxM community, while also building out the format so that we can aim to expand into more regions and include broader aspects of our community.

*We would like to do a total of three months (9 drops/3 performances) for Season 2

*We would like to start shooting interviews in July and start premiering Season 2 in August. Given the prep time, we believe we can put out a polished product that best serves the growth of our community and the artists as individuals.

Budget Breakdown: 600 NEAR (200/per) Ian, Dalton, and myself to produce a month of Season 2
60 NEAR to each artist/band (20 NEAR per) for the end of month performance event
10 NEAR to have wearable made custom to the event

TOTAL Request:670 NEAR
NEAR name: bonepoliceofficial.near

Jacob Bruggman

Thank you!


Yes, please I love it. Especially the wearables!


that would be awesome!


Let’s get this approved!


@Grace @JMaenen and thoughts or feedback?


@bonepolice Jacob, this sounds awesome!!

I would love to familiarise myself with your work. Have you done this type of work before? Is there anything you could share? Also, if this goes well, there may be opportunity for increased collaboration and expand into other events.

I would like to have a chat and explore the next steps.


Thanks, Grace!

My background with this specific type of work is limited to DAOdrops Season 1, but I was fortunate enough to work alongside Vandal and to get an idea of what works, and what we can do to make things take another step, too! Also, YES! My big hope is that we are able to expand. Through this community, I’ve developed relationships with artists all over the world, and my next big step vision is to eventually have a DAOdrops expand so we can have community members lead episodes from other nations.

If you have any further questions, or would just like to get to know one another better and share ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Update on progress from week one of launching this project. I will keep updating here until we start the next step of filming, just to keep things organized for revisiting.

DAOdrops Season 2 Month 1 Running Notes

*Contacting and identifying potential artists from the community for drops
-Touched base with Craig Blackmore
-Touched base with Netunoblu
-Touched base with Latasha
*Discussed adding to the promotional presentation by displaying the artists billboardstyle on the side of the venue to give more atmosphere to the event
*Discussed using alternate venues for performance, so that we can make it feel different and more iconic each month
*Discussed preliminaries for interview shooting schedule, but still need to revisit

*Established a DAO for DAOdrops


Wanted to provide another update of work in progress.

*Found our video editor for the season
*Discussed expansion into other regions/continents for talent allocation with Mighty33
*Building submission form
*Booked first interview with Craig Blackmore (7/17)


We completed all three interviews for the first month of DAOdrops. All interviews have been marked for editing and sent off to our editor (with the exception of supplemental materials from one artist).
In addition, we have already scheduled the guests for September, as well as one for October. And will be starting those interviews as soon as next week.
We also have posters for 2 out of 3 of the drops done by members of the Createbase community, giving us a great opportunity for collaboration within the NEAR-sphere.

Our next steps will be getting the venue ready for the first drop, and continuing to film and edit interviews.

Soon I will be submitting a proposal for the second month of this project, but so far, things have gone even better than I think we could have hoped for…

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-Monthly Report-

We concluded the first month of our project by completing the first month of interviews, which are in the editing stages with nearfar.near. We are prepared for the first drop with Craig Blackmoore August 6th, and will be hosting a new drop each of the following two Fridays, culminating in a performance event the last Friday of the month.

We are also fully scheduled out through the end of October, and have the first interview of September already filmed, with four more on the books to be finished by mid-August. This will give us a lot of flexibility to focus our time on the cryptovoxel builds as well as promotion for the event. The first month of this project went fantastically!

Bone Police created our wearable for our end of the month event. A voxel backpack we will be giving out to all that collected two of the event posters

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