[Introduction] RealityChain Guild: The Bridge Between Web2 and Web3


Guild Leader: Adam Ardisasmita (ardisaz.near)

Guild AstroDAO Address: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/realitychain.sputnik-dao.near

Guild Location: Worldwide (Incorporated in Seychelles)

Guild Details

RealityChain allows users to easily generate, deploy and customize decentralized metaverses. We have built a custom 2D metaverse platform (winner of the 2021 MetaBUIDL challenge for the games category) with mobile-first accessibility, social features, voice chat, NFT integration, NFT land parcel ownership, in-world building, NFT avatar system, and video streaming. We are also deploying a 3D version of this metaverse platform by the end of the year.

The RealityChain Guild would allow project owners, metaverse users, as well as other related individuals, projects, or DAOs to provide input, propose activities, and coordinate with others. We allocate parcel ownership, airdrops, and technical support for any metaverse activity proposed by the NEAR community or a NEAR project.

In collaboration with Myriad Social, the first full-fledged social media on NEAR and Octopus, we have deployed the Myriad Metaverse on testnet (soon to be mainnet): https://myriad.town

Project Mission Statement

RealityChain’s mission is simple:

  • Provide any NEAR project and community the ability to create its own Metaverse.
  • Provide an onramp for other chains as well as web2 projects into the NEAR ecosystem.

Recently, we see a lot of projects (NFT projects, gaming projects, etc) promising a metaverse on their roadmap. This may sometimes be challenging due to the time it takes to develop and it’s quite cost prohibitive. With RealityChain, we can help them spin up their own metaverse easily by staking the $REAL token. RealityChain will provide the underlying infrastructure and metaverse engine for projects and communities to build and customize their own metaverses.

Guild Mission Statement

The main mission of the RealityChain guild:

  • Bridge user from Web2 to Web3
  • Make metaverse accessible for everyone
  • Onboard more artists and users onto the metaverse
  • Be a hub for any project that wants to conduct its own event on our Metaverse
  • Help projects build their own metaverse on our 2D and/or 3D engines.
  • Ensure that the metaverse is accessible to everyone.

Our guild aims to make RealityChain accessible not only for metaverse owners but also for users. Most users in 3rd world countries don’t own a PC powerful enough to run currently existing metaverses. We provide a lightweight platform to drastically increase onboarding and accessibility, and bridge people to the metaverse thanks to easy browse access, anon login, and other specifically designed features.


The intention of the guild is to build a community hub for metaverse enthusiasts, builders, and stakeholders. By maintaining a decent level of transparency within the guild, we want to move from centralized management to a decentralized one while the RealityChain Core Team remains mainly focused on strategy, tech development, and governance.

We as a guild will provide more opportunities to users in the NEAR Ecosystem to have the experience of the casual metaverse of us by

  • Running bounty program which is already in progress
  • Having music events on our metaverse which will seek the help of DaoRecords and UniqArt who are already in collaboration with us
  • Exhibiting a huge number of NFT’s Collection in the NEAR ecosystem
  • Promoting creator economy by empowering artists and designers to create Utility NFT in RealityChain (Avatar, Furniture, etc)
  • In world mini-games


RealityChain has been in active development since April 2021. The early concept of RealityChain has won NEAR Metabuild Hackathon in the 1st place in the game category. Since then, we have been developing our engine and releasing the tesnet of our 2D verse engine. Here is our roadmap for 2022.

Q1 2022

  • 2D Verse Testnet (Paras.city, demo.uniqueone.world, myriad.town)
  • Seed round closed

Q2 2022

Q3 2022

  • 2D Verse Myriad.Town live mainnet
  • 2D Verse Paras.City live mainnet
  • 3D Verse Prototype

Q4 2022

  • 2D Verse UniqueOne.World live mainnet
  • 3D Verse Beta
  • Public staking feature
  • DAO Governance

Key Links

Website : Realitychain.io

Telegram : Telegram Group

Youtube : RealityChain Youtube channel

Twitter : RealityChain Twitter Account

Myriad Social Metaverse : Myriad.Town

PARAS.ID Metaverse : Paras.city

UniqueOne Metaverse : UniqueOne.world

Near Metaverse : Near.realitychain.io

2DVerse Wiki : 2DVerse Documentation

DAO (AstroDAO) : RealityChain DAO

Partners and collaborators

  • Paras.id: Paras is a digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and non-fungible token (NFTs). Paras is one of the biggest marketplace in NEAR Protocol. Paras is investing in RealityChain and will be RealityChain’s pioneer metaverse
  • Myriad.social: Myriad Social is a platform where users can claim ownership of their web3 content (social media, multimedia) and turn it into verifiable, sovereign, monetizable web3 data. Myriad Social is investing in RealityChain and will be RealityChain’s pioneer metaverse
  • UniqueOne.Network: UniqueOne Network is a truly decentralised non-profit platform owned and managed by the digital arts community, bringing together artists, creators, and collectors as One. UniqueOne Network is investing in RealityChain and will be RealityChain’s pioneer metaverse
  • Mocca: Mocca is a legendary Indonesian music group that did a metaverse concert with RealityChain. Rolling Stone Indonesia recognized their song “Me and My Boyfriend” at “The 150 Greatest Indonesian Songs of All Time” list, and their album “My Diary” was also included within “The 150 Greatest Indonesian Albums of All Time”. The RealityChain concert had 350 unique attendees and was covered by CNN Indonesia and other media outlets nationally.
  • DAO Records: DAO Records is a community of musicians in the mission to support the growth of a new, independent and decentralised music industry throught the adoption of Web3 technologies by providing artists, collectives, and label the tools and service they will need to pivot and succeed. DAOrecords has been RealityChain’s advisor since day one. DAOrecords also launch their music concert, SoundSplash, in RealityChain
  • Octopus Network: Octopus network is NEAR-based multi chain interoperable crypto-network for launching and running Web 3.0 Substrate-based, EVM compatible application-specific blockchain, aka appchains. Two of RealityChain pioneer metaverse, Myriad Social and UniqueOne Network, are built in Octopus Network. Octopus Network did a year-end party in RealityChain’s metaverse.

Great project, I really hope RC helps the space grows as a whole.


Nice project! Welcome to the NEAR community!


Glad to see you here!
RealityChain has a team of very capable developers and the project in itself is extremely promising. It deserves all the attention and help it can get.


Welcome, RC Guild!

Tagging @thephilosopher @klarakopi @vandal – RealityChain has a users guild now, focused on onboarding new users into the community! @ardisaz will also be updating us on upcoming Metaverse parties. :slight_smile:

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Glad the great metaverse project is here, bless for future!


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That is so cool that Reality Chain is becoming a Guild! Loved the project! Congrats, the entire team. We, from Metaverse DAO, want to record more the events happening on reality chain. It would be cool if @becopro, our reporter, could talk to you and record what is happening on Reality Chain. Congrats, friend @decentricity!


That’s great @decentricity :smiley:
I’m very excited for further collaboration between NEARverses and the Metaverse DAO!

I’ll leave here the video interview we recorded about @decentricity and Reality Chain, so you can know more about her and the project ^.^


Watch the space, RealityChain is going to be the next big thing! RealityChain to the moon :rocket:


A great project with such good team , definitely worth it


Very insightful, this could be a game changer for the metaverse industry


It is a very well done model by Project Reality Chain


nice one! Reality Chain helps other projects to build their own metaverse, creating a guild really makes a lot of sense. Excited to see more and more universe build on top of Reality Chain!


Having own metaverse has never been more easy, Thanks Reality Chain guild for the introduction and awesome mission ahead. :heart_eyes::fire:


Looking forward to be a part of the reality chain guild and work together


Thank you everyone for the warm welcome. Really excited to collaborate and grow together as an ecosystem


Thank you @Danny_Myriad_CEO
We can not wait to see Myriad.Town lives on Near Mainnet and has a lot of parties :slight_smile: