[PROPOSAL] MintbaseSunday 8th edition

Alexandre Macieira

  • Near account for payment: macieira.near
  • Near account for payment: najunft.near

Holding a collective publication on the Mintbase website on July 14, 15 and 16, 2022 and publishing the list of participants on 7/17/2022.


Title: MintbaseSunday 8th edition

The action aims to mobilize the members of the Gambiarra store and also other artists of the Mintbase-NEAR network to coin their artworks and participate in a collective movement, remembering to always use #mintbasesunday. The strategy is to put the value of the minted piece at a promotional price below 1 NEAR, thus drawing the attention of collectors and investors in NFTs. The decision of how many copies the piece will have will be at the discretion of each artist. The announcement of this collective movement will be made by the MintbaseSunday team on Sunday and we suggest that the promotional price be valid only during the period of the action. After this period the NFT will no longer count with copies and will cost over 1 NEAR, so it will be up to the artist to put whatever value he wants on the work after the action. In other words, the day of Sunday is a special time to purchase a piece of artwork from the Mintbase-NEAR network.

To show the strength of the Mintbase-NEAR network collective through the Gambiarra store and how it is possible to have one-off actions that encourage artists to continue minting their works and creating.

On Thursday, three days before the collective action, artworks can already be minted on the Mintbase-NEAR platform. Artists will have Thursday, Friday and Saturday to perform this action. On Sunday there will be no more artworks accepted, the Sunday will be exclusive for disclosure of the list of participants and promotion of the event, continuing the collective action, will be on Sunday, where everyone will disclose to their customers, friends, collectors and investors the action that is happening. The MintbaseSunday team will prepare the whole strategy of disclosure that will be delivered to the marketing of Gambiarra DAO.

As already demonstrated in the previous items, the strategy of action and dissemination of the event has changed in some points.
A poster will be produced to publicize the event on social networks, Telegram groups, Whatsapp and Discord, and it will be coined on the Mintbase platform becoming an NFT that will be distributed among the participants and interested collectors.
An artwork will also be produced where the list of the participants of the event is organized, and it will be coined on the Mintbase platform becoming an NFT that will be distributed among the participants after the event.
Images of each participating artwork will be prepared for the creation of a video that will be available on Gambiarra’s Youtube channel with the list of participants and the link to each one’s artwork.
Tumblr - We introduced in our dissemination strategy this blogging platform that is popular worldwide and works as another space to share our actions. On Tumblr we will publish the poster and text inviting you to the event. On the day of the event, on Sunday, early in the morning, a publication will be distributed to the participants and in all the dissemination channels about the Sunday action, with the promotion that is taking place on the Mintbase-NEAR platform with the list of all the participants and the link to each artwork of the edition. The artwork and text listing the participants of the event will also be published on the blog.
An exhibition with the artworks will be organized at the 3XR Space and both the link to the NFT created and the art gallery will be available at mintbasesunday | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree.

All the history of the previous editions is available at the link: mintbasesunday | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree

Full list of participants in the 7th edition of MintbaseSunday

The 7th edition of MintbaseSunday was special because it put in place some changes, precisely because of everything we learned from the previous editions. They were necessary changes so that we can continue to promote our work as artists in a more efficient way. The dissemination strategy becomes even more important, since the event has become a tradition on the Mintbase-NEAR platform and now is a time for us to continue to insist on reaching collectors and investors.

In editions 4 and 5 the project also became educational with the participation of @cleusaraven, in edition 6 with @bianca, in edition 7 with @mayra and now in edition 8 with @naju . With the arrival of new artists in the store Gambiarra we began to realize that they want to understand how the whole system works. Alexandre Macieira takes advantage of MintbaseSunday to invite members of the community in order to live the experience of participating in a project, so they can learn how to make a proposal, set up an event and participate in the NEAR forum. Thus generating the opportunity to execute an idea and then deliver a report telling how their action was. I am grateful to the Mintbase-NEAR network for this opportunity.
Collection of participating artworks generates an NFT: With 3XR Space technology it is possible to create a gallery with participating artworks. The 3XR Space system creates its own NFT by inserting in a single file the artworks from that exhibition. In the 7th edition we already used this NFT as our official one. The number of participants was great in this last edition, two galleries were created with the artworks, so two NFTs were also generated, both sent to all participants.

NFTs 7th edition of #MintbaseSunday

Gallery 1 - Exhibition of the 7th edition of #MintbaseSunday

Gallery 2 - Exhibition of the 7th edition of #MintbaseSunday

The NFTs of the previous editions can be seen here: mintbasesunday | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree


History: MintbaseSunday is an action that was born inside the Gambiarra store of the Mintbase-NEAR network.
The 1st edition #MintbaseSunday took place on a Sunday, on December 26, 2021, with the participation of 13 artists.
The 2nd edition #MintbaseSunday took place on January 30, 2022, with 18 artists participating.
The 3rd edition #MintbaseSunday took place on February 27, 2022, with 21 artists participating.
The 4th #MintbaseSunday took place on March 20, 2022, with 22 artists participating.
The 5th edition #MintbaseSunday took place on April 17, 2022, with 25 artists participating.
The 6th edition #MintbaseSunday took place on May 15, 2022, with 20 artists participating.
The 7th edition #MintbaseSunday took place on June 19, 2022, with 24 artists participating.
The MintbaseSunday Collection reaches 150 artworks and a total of 63 artists participating in our editions.

Since June 20, 2022 we have been meeting and strategically organizing ourselves for this edition.
As of July 1, 2022 the graphic materials and texts will be produced for the following week.
From July 4 to July 13 we will organize the texts, the poster and all the divulgation and invitation in the Telegram, Whatsapp and Discord groups of the network of artists interested and active in NFT. All this content will also be available for dissemination in the social networks of Gambiarra DAO. This graphic advertising material, invites artists to participate in the collective minting.
On July 14, 15 and 16 the artworks can already be received and the organization of the list of participants is done.
On 07/17/2022 MintbaseSunday takes place, the link with the list of participating artworks will be available for the collective announcement.

Budget: USD 500 in NEAR

USD 400 in NEAR to be paid to macieira.near
Teach and assist Naju in the entire process of creating, executing and reporting on a project.
Manage the production of the project’s artwork and images.
Organize the production of the project’s actions.
Publicize on the proposer’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Minting the arts on the Mintbase platform.
Organize and set up the exhibition at 3XRSpace.
Be accountable upon completion of the project.

USD 100 in NEAR payable to najunft.near
Publicize and make the call for participants (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Discord of Gambiarra DAO and in the personal profile of the proponent).
Participate in the organization and production of the project actions.
Be accountable at the conclusion of the project.

SIGNATURE: Alexandre Macieira

Alexandre Macieira:
Link Curriculo: alexandremacieira | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree
Site: http://alexandremacieira.com.br
Link Curriculo: https://lynkfire.com/artistNAJU


AMAZING!!! I loved participating in this incredible event! the possibility to learn and evolve, thank you very much for the opportunity with your help I was able to send my first proposal and it is very gratifying


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