[PROPOSAL] Metrics for Creatives DAO

Dear Creatives DAO community,

As you may or may not know, we moderators, with the help of all of the community, are building a grant application for the future sustainability of the DAO. With this in mind, we need to begin gathering some concise facts and figures to present to NEAR foundation, but also for ourselves to get a better overview of the community.

You can read more about this and include your own feedback here:

We would appreciate it if each DAO in the community could fill this form out before submitting their funding application for July:


We, as moderators, are aware that each DAO in our community has their own unique take on their participation in Creatives DAO, and so we just ask for people to fill this form out as accurately as possible in relation to their DAO.

Thank you,


Blockchain? Decentralization? - GOOGLE FORM!


Yep, not ideal but using the tools we can to best organise the community. Very much open to alternative suggestions if you have any @techdir!


Make open source vote form with connect wallet option.
Ask devs of Near to do that, make bounty proposal to find devs who will make open source form and so on…If not here ask on laborx. Simple for more or less programmer


Illia Polosukhin maybe can help.

i’ve ask him in DM. Will see what he will answer

Look here it is an example how to forget about google doc in the NEAR ecosystem

@techdir ok, thanks for the recommendations. Airtable doesn’t look like an open-source option either, but I will definitely take a deeper look. For now, we are going ahead with this form as the data is time-sensitive but I will be looking into better ways to go about the next steps of data collection for the DAO. Thank you!


Hello @techdir

Thanks for reminding that we have to work together


I’m not sure if i understand the irony, but its good to remain a respectful surrounding around the ecosystem, always a good way to go, and flow through the cross collaborations that I personally always wanted to.

But sounds like a good starting point for a proposal

what you guys thing @creativesdao-council ?


You understood it right and yes - it is sounded like point for a new proposal for sure

Thanks for sharing your opinion @techdir .

All moderators are trying to solve the issue that you might have an angle towards.

Providing solutions & suggestions vs sarcasm and innuendos makes people focus on your point and creates an open channel for interaction.

Hope you can share your viewpoints so they are best received and not lost in layered sarcasm :pray:


Decentralization does not equate to disrespecting people through sarcasm too @techdir

Identified problem should have a proposed solution.


Did it ! Complete the DAO inscription form. Thanks @ted.iv

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