[PROPOSAL] Land of Clans - the next generation of P2E games based on NFT-pool and MarketMaker contract

Please compare NFT Art of V1 vs V2 of the game.

The difference is clear and obvious. V2 is better!

~100K invested in the game before we started on NEAR
~100K invested in NEAR (core team 2 and max team size 7)
~100K invested in WAX (core team 5 and max team size 25)

In total 20’000 hours of work and 300K invested in the game.

We are a startup and we are developing in iterations. One, two, three… until the result satisfies our ambitions.

A lot of blockchains have sent us an invitation to run with them. But we are loyal and grateful to NEAR, so we made an offer.

Our publisher partner is skeptical about the commercial success of launching the v2 version of the game on Near, but we want to be loyal to HG, Near and our solid core of avid players and are willing to implement a new version of the game on Near for their sake.

If HG decides YES - NEAR will get new and better game (an upgrade from the one already running) and a bridge between them. And then the turn will come to the launch on Aurora. All in all that’s 3 games! In that case, everyone will win.

If HG (under the pressure of the haters) will say NO - we will understand that we are no longer welcome here. In that case, everyone will lose.


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If the game is as good as you mention: There are no other source of fundings?

I know NEAR have an important role for funding this, for what I see have done.

But as times are complicated, NEAR ecosystem can be hurt too. With all the metrics you showed surely there can be with interest to support as angels, VC’s, or even NEAR Horizon partners .

The best!


Hi @k-o-l-e-s , Human Guild reviewed your application and discussed it among themselves. We decide to reject your offer.

Main reason: did not deliver Aurora integration after receiving grant.


HG say No

@haenko, the main reason is that fortunately the other HG consuls are much more experienced, and intelligent. And they didn’t go against your public aggressive and negative stance. I understand them, but you don’t.

In whose interest is this decision? Maybe the players? Or the community?
It’s a decision in the interests of @haenko’s ego.

We didn’t launch in time on Aurora and time was wasted! In hindsight I say - thank god we didn’t do it a year ago! Players would have been buying Aurora token for $12.00 and now it’s $0.12 - it’s 100x dump! Players would have been guaranteed to lose all their money. We would have lost all the money. The entire economy of the game would have collapsed. And it would have been a complete failure. Does anyone take that into account? That’s when the market is at the bottom, it makes sense to warm up interest and prepare to launch at the right time.

In the meantime, Aurora2 has gotten better, the game V2 has gotten better. None of us have lost anything from the later launch. On the contrary, things are shaping up well.

I appeal to all the HG consuls.

Time will pass, we will launch on Aurora2 (this is a 100% guarantee). And then there will be a question, why we wasted so much time not implementing game updates on NEAR. Isn’t it too late now? I’m afraid it might be too late.

The situation is a dead end, but let’s be flexible and find a way out.

We can offer a safe deal, Ok guys, first we do the implementation of the updated game on Near, then we launch on Aurora2 and only after that the HG gives us the grant.

I appeal to our dear players.

Guys, thank you for your support all this time, you’ve really motivated and supported us. We really want to release a game update, but we lack the resources. And we haven’t been able to find support here yet. Sorry, I fought as hard as I could.


you fundamentally do not answer the questions of the community, just ignore them. As for the decision of other consuls, it’s very easy to call Sasha or Vlad and lie to them that you are the “best” game on NEAR, but as soon as people start asking you questions, you just remain silent, or lie.

My unanswered questions:

  1. Also, could you please share a report on how the HG grant was spent? How much total $ was spent, and for what? (of course, I can calculate the amount myself through the blockchain, but it would be great if you would simplify this task and provide a report)
  2. How can we check that the 740 updates you have on github are for the NEAR game and not for WAX?
  3. Why is the land to Empire tweeter looking dead when HG gave you a grant no less than a publisher, while the WAX version tweets regularly?

First unanswered question

Second unanswered question

  1. Basically, it means you can develop all updates and Aurora2 version (btw what it is, there is no Aurora1 game’s version) without a grant.

  2. As @cloudmex-alan said with your metrics (they are especially outstanding for the game built on NEAR blockchain) you can easily get support from other sources (angels, VC’s, NEAR Horizon). Moreover, such partnerships will enhance your marketing as well.

  3. If you have such a strong and active community you can pay attention to other options like a crowdfunding program on Meta Yield by Meta Pool or NFT drop for the community. Personally, I would consider such an option as evidence for all “haters” that they’re wrong.

  4. Finally you can answer all questions from the community, provide requested reports and thereby change councils’ minds.

we will launch on Aurora2 (this is a 100% guarantee)

  1. Btw how can you guarantee that if all funds were already spent as you said above and you can’t develop new updates without additional funding (that’s why you created this topic)? Or you can?

the other HG consuls are much more experienced, and intelligent

  1. Let’s avoid such wordings, it’s against Community Etiquette and doesn’t help to come to an agreement.
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To all readers.

I have @haenko on one side, with unknown achievements in the field of games. On the other side is our partner and publisher, the man who made 20M+ on games. And at the moment when @haenko thought we were a dead and lousy game, such a great publisher came and said guys, I like your game, it needs improvement and I’m ready to help with it, invest his time and money. Can you imagine the difference in the power of influence of these people on me? Who do I respect and consult with? The answer is obvious.

Dear HG, pay attention to how @haenko communicates. He twists facts, falsifies, and even insults his interlocutor, and then expects that someone wants to answer him, naive. Don’t believe me, ask the opinion of other founders.

-1 game on NEAR thanks to @haenko personally


I just want to get reply to my qustions. About insults, you started insulting me first, for an unknown reason.

About your publisher, how can we know it’s true? You are just talking, but not giving any evidence.
You spent $140k of HG money mostly on yourself, the game doesn’t look like $140k anyone will tell you that. Now you want to get more money, but this will not happen. Yes, you will leave, but we will find talented guys who will not deceive us, and we will give them a grant, and we will get a new game on NEAR

and why do you say that I personally refused you? You have been asked the question by at least 4 OG NEAR Ecosystem besides me, but you are also ignoring them.

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By the way, it looks like your game on WAX is also dead, and the idea that you offer us will not work.https://dappradar.com/dapp/land-of-clans

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I guess I was ignored but hope you can make a great game and willing to see the success on for your project with your publisher and partners.

I can suggest to don’t lost time in senseless discussion and spend the time building cool games!

The best!


You are absolutely right! Thanks for the advice.

We don’t give up!

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Hello all angels,

I can say that I’ve been a loyal L2E player since the game’s launch until now (from testnet).

I am from Vietnam, and I know in L2E game there are many people like me playing this game. The friends from Vietnam that I know through L2E about 20 people, friends from other countries about 10 people because I am not good at communicating in other languages.

I have read the entire content of this article, and can provide some additional information for HG to understand more about L2E as follows:

  • The team has updated/fixed bugs from the game many times, personally I have also reported the error to the team > 20 times, most errors are due to mint nft, loading and withdrawing GOLD/ELIXIR/GEM, errors not found for players, the error of dropping troops… so the number of 740 updates should not be wrong

  • I am a close follower of the near system, including NFT and gamefi, I rate the games on near there is no game that has an active community like L2E, most of the games are very boring, L2E is a game Tactically it brings a different attraction than other role-playing games, (near chain system besides L2E, I only like to play Moonshot :))

  • The bad point of L2E is not knowing how to focus on marketing, not measuring the power of social channels, leading to tweeters and discord being considered silent for a long time, this greatly affects players and players. who want to join the game.

  • Crypto winter comes and then war is something we don’t want, I find it understandable to decide to keep the game without launching events, because in winter all efforts are futile. useful, let’s be like the Bears who know how to hibernate and wake up in the spring, I think the gamefi trend will revive in the near future.

  • And the last thing I want to say is, the donation of $1000 is not too big, it is not worth it for you to abandon the community of L2E players, who have been waiting so long to join the clan war, to be know what gamefi2.0 is. And if you refuse them, what will we do? who loved Near … but near doesn’t love us?

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If so, why don’t they want to provide a github link so we can check out these updates?

You joined the forum 1 hour ago, it looks very strange that you have not been registered on the forum before.

If you say that the community is so active, let’s see the discord and telegarm of this game?

0 maseges for May

I only see 15 messages for May, it doesn’t even remove ads.

If that’s the case, why then on the Wax version of the game, are the guys focused on tweeting, and tweets come out regularly?https://twitter.com/LandOfClans

HG has already supported this game with a grant of 10,000 NEAR (at one time it was more than $100k), but the L2E team, in my opinion, mismanaged these funds.

And as I said above, what community are we talking about? twitter discord and telegram of game are completely dead, there are no active people there.


A final summary, as the statements cannot be left as you have made them.

HG (as a group of several people, not a single one) denied your proposal because it was not possible to verify any of your metrics and you didn’t fulfill agreements that were made, summary:

  • We have a few people that tried the game every few months, no one noticed any game updates. (Perhaps you made some bug fixes, but definetly no new content in about 15 months)
  • You didn’t provide, as requested, a list of the 700 game-updates you talked about and we already noticed lots of these “updates” are just bot commits.
  • Playerbase is not organic and most wallets you provided never called any l2e contract.
  • Social media is inactive since launch (twitter, tg, discord).
  • Based on dappradar land of clans has no players on wax.
  • Social media of land of clans is more active on posts, but also has no community interactions.
  • Aurora launch never happened.
  • The game itself actually has no NEAR integration, just a single method “rand”. (Not important to this topic, but wanted to mention it)
  • Some “facts” you present are just eyewashing and are actually not true when checked (Not important to this topic, but it’s annoying and will scare away investors)

Some of these concerns not just came up by the HG team, but also other people from the community.

On top of it you started to attack and insult someone else personally just because you don’t like the decision that has been made based on given facts (which we actually tried to discuss and resolve with you - but you didn’t want to), which is an inacceptable behavior.

My personal note: You got like ~$180.000 just from HG/NF to develop YOUR project (+ even more from WAX?). HG and NF did a lot to help but in the end its your project and your community.
If you decide you don’t care about your community it’s your decision and not someone else, so you should stop to find excuses and toweling off your responsibility for YOUR project.

Instead you should work with your community, make general metrics more transparent & comprehensible and work on a concept to make your project sustainable (I am sure HG people would gladly help to work out some concepts and ideas), so it doesn’t depend on a new grant each year.

Of course we wish you good luck and hope that you push your project forward. Also as cloudmex-alan suggested: “If the game is as good as you mention” you should be able to find other sources of funding and try your best.


Ok, thank you so much!

I see the inexplicable attack on you by some HG councils while they have not yet delivered their milestones on time.

It would be great if @haenko and @khomin explain it.

  1. Delays are normal (when it’s up to a year, not like two years l2e)
  2. Teams warned us about delays
  3. They did not ask for more money, if there was a request it would make sense to ask for work not done.

Hello @Dacha
Could you point to my messages where I’m talking about L2E?

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