[PROPOSAL] Developing P2E NFT game - ZomLand

About project

ZomLand is an interactive P2E NFT card game with exciting gameplay and a lot of fun. You take on the leader’s role of the army of zombies and monsters to battle with other users all over the world.


  • [NEAR MetaBUILD Hackathon] WINNER Native Track | Best use of Technology (MineLand - prototype and MVP of ZomLand)
  • Meter.io hackaton winner (ZomLand EVM propotype)


  • Paras

What is already done

  • integration with NEAR blockchain
  • NFT creations (lands, zombies, monsters)
  • staking (in testnet)

What we plan to do

  • start marketing program
  • interactive battle arena. We need to hire gaming developers (unity) / animators and designers.
  • land discovering & clans
  • special offers page, etc.
  • token listing



Hi @ZomLand
Welcome to the gov.near :tada:

I am playing ZomLand and I like your game.

  • game tokenomic have Good potential, example when every 199 Large Land sold the price will %10 increase. ZML token could be valuable in future, If you do Good advertising and İDO.

  • For now you don’t have to spend much time to play ZomLand. This is Good thing.

  • If you do battle arena and land discovering the ZomLand player number will be increase.


  • When I play the game I pay lot’s of transaction fee. Killing a zombie is 0.001 Near, minting zombies for Large Land is 0.07 Near… This might be change (I am giving 1 Near a day for transaction.)
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I don’t know did you get any Grant but you should talk with Human Guild.


I checked out the website and it looks like there is a lot of potential.
Does this proposal include a plan for marketing and player acquisition?
Will you be targeting promotional efforts toward potential players who are already in the NEAR ecosystem or the gaming community as a whole?

I agree with all of them. If you want user growth, you need to reduce fees.
Good luck :wink:


Yes, actually large land gives you 8 NFTs (per 0.01 NEAR to store each one). That is why we have 0.07 fee.
Actually we released some amount of storage after you killed your zombies - so you’ll get cash-back

Thanks for your suggestions and feedback :pray:t3:

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Yes sure. We are planning to start massive marketing program in near future (few weeks)
In parallel we are working on game mechanics to involve users spend more time in game not just swap NFTs [some time/period rewards].
Also we have a plan to build multichain solution for the game in future - but right now it should be the best in NEAR gaming.
We have a lot of gameplay solutions that we marked in “comming soon…” in whitepaper. A lot of new - are just in our minds.
And the last one we are finding for hire good marketers, advisors - and have a ZML pool in our tokenomics for that. So - you’re welcome :wink: