[PROPOSAL] May-June 2022 Content creation and community development by NEAR Gaming

Hello everyone. I would like to make a proposal for the development of the Russian-speaking community on the blockchain NEAR to the direction (GamiFi , NFT, Near Gaming).

The name of my project: МИР NFT
Resources to be used for promotion:
:small_orange_diamond: YouTube channel - 3200 subscribers
:small_orange_diamond: Telegram channel - 2060 subscribers
:small_orange_diamond: Twitter - 376 subscribers
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МИР NFT - is my personal project in which I cover various news from the world of NFT and GameFi, make video reviews.
And one of the main directions that I have chosen is the promotion of the NEAR ecosystem.
In the future, there are many ideas for building a community through NFT on the NEAR blockchain.

What has already been done:

  • In 3 months, 8 reviews were made on (Games and NFT collections)
  • 3 streams on games and NFT collections
  • A large number of posts have been made in the telegram channel and on twitter.
    NEAR - Google Sheets

To work more actively towards the development of the Russian-speaking blockchain community
, in the direction of GameFi (Play to learn) and NFT.

Plans for MAY-JUNE (01.05.2022-15.06.2022):

  • Take 5 reviews of games and NFT collections.
  • 1 AMA session
  • 1 Stream
  • 2 Draws ( raffle, giveaway)
  • Conclusion of partnership agreements with project developers for further advancement.
  • Publishing news and posts on social networks.

Planned costs:
:small_blue_diamond: 5 reviews - 300x5=1500 $
:small_blue_diamond: 1 stream - 250 $
:small_blue_diamond: 1 AMA - 250 $
:small_blue_diamond: 2 contests - 300 $
:small_blue_diamond: Publications and posts of at least 10 pcs - 50 $
Total: 2350 $

There will be a detailed report at the end of the month

Wallet ID: mirnft.near
Amount: 2350 USD

Thanks! And forgive me in advance for my English ), I will spend part of the funds on learning the language.