[PROPOSAL] Kotronic - Puzzle game & ecosystem - Human GameJam Winner


Kotronic is a new, challenging and addictive puzzle game with an in-game editor to create your own puzzle game, an escape game or a totally new kind of game. You can share your creations to your friends or the world through the marketplace. This is a very unique opportunity for an artist or designer to sell their creations, and make NEAR money from their creativity.


I had the chance to win the Human Guild Game Jam with the Kotronic game available here: Kotronic by Kalinka
It gave me the desire to keep developing this game, starting from a blank sheet but always with this concept that players create content for the game, and can be paid for it.
So I gathered a team to launch an ambitious project: the creation not only of a game, but also of an ecosystem around the puzzle and related games. So I arranged my schedule as a game developer to launch myself full time in this adventure.


Puzzle and escape games are very popular, but there is no major platform around this kind of game. Moreover, there is no simple tool to create your own games without knowing anything about development, even though it is a very common request from this type of player. The ambition of Kotronic is to propose an ecosystem of creation and exchange of puzzle games, like Roblox for other types of games, with a monetisation based on NEAR.


  • Project Manager
  • Game Developer
  • Backend + Smartcontract Developer
  • Sound Designer
  • UX/UI/Web designer
  • 3D / technical artist


  • Game client on multiple platform ( Web, PC, MAC, Linux)
  • Intuitive In Game Editor ( just place blocks)
  • More than 50 blocks available to unleash creativity
  • Customize graphics/sound to design your own game identity
  • Incorporated narrative campaign (20 hours)
  • Share your creation with a single link ( just click to play for your friends)
  • Internet site with marketplace to buy/sell new block, levels, graphism and game
  • Scriptable behavior to open possibilities

Features to come after launch

  • Porting to mobile ( Android, IPhone)
  • More blocks / More content
  • VR version ?


Q3 2022 - Website Launch
Q1 2023 - Closed Alpha Launch
Q2 2023 - Marketing / Communication / Community
Q3 2023 - Open Beta Launch / Marketplace


All monetization of the game will be done on NEAR.
At first, all creations (levels, or new game) can be sold in NEAR to other players. We will take a small commission on all these exchanges on the marketplace.
After that we can create new packs (blocks or environments) and sell them to increase the creation capacity of the editor.


Hello! Welcome, you can also find help from the Project Ops team: @Kemal @HaiVu @LarryLang

Big hug!