Human Guild's report: gaming update & community driven approach to game development

Wanted to update community on our plans:

Human Guild’s focus: creator economy & gaming

  • At Human Guild, we focus on increasing amount of humans who are paid in NEAR weekly across of all of applications in NEAR ecosystem. We believe this is how you build real economy.
  • In practice, we help founders to launch their NFT marketplaces & games, and grow product usage after launches (in a way, usage is what’s important, and usage leads to additional earners over time)
  • We’ve been working with ~30 projects across creator marketplaces & gaming areas (you can see full list in slide deck here)

Gaming update

In this post, we will update our community on gaming. We are developing a specific strategy towards gaming space from now until end of 2021:

  • We will continue working with ~18 projects in gaming space (many of which are fairly early stage projects)
  • Important infrastructure initiatives include integrations with Unity and Godot
  • We aim help launch several games on NEAR in 2021, and several dozen games in 2022
  • We participated in very successful game jam, participating in upcoming one & would continue game jam participation going forward

Community Driven Approach to Game Development

- Importantly, we aim to adopt this new approach to making games

Consider following sequence of steps for game developer looking to create a game in web3 space:

  • You start with the concept for a game, and share it with your friends and other people from gaming space who you think might be interested in providing you feedback
  • Next, you start building community by creating economic upside for anyone who wants to help you achieve success
  • You then dissect your early community into precise roles that can help you: game artists, musicians, script writers, game mechanics developers, token economics developers, influencers, streamers & potential other supporters
  • Once you defined roles that you are looking for in your community, you start engaging your early community by sharing concept art & other works with your community
  • You create DAO to bootstrap community engagement (think “community brings skills & money to the table, and becomes an active participant in the project as it’s being developed”, great DAO framework can be found here)
  • You consider fundraising (if required), understanding your budget for launch & growing the game usage
  • You issue NFTs for in-game assets and reward members of your community whoever helped you thus far
  • You then share initial MVP of your game with your community
  • You align token economics around game ownership, specifically align incentives within DAO for initial promoters of your game (same for other people: artists, script writers, music creators, and so forth) (importantly, people help you because they’re partial owners in your project)
  • You engage influencers and do initial game launch

  • Sequence of steps is a subject to change due to emerging best practices in next couple years, but following this plan can yield lots of help - you can totally turn your community into your project’s superpower via ownership

You’re making future. Legends :+1:


So happy to see gamedev as an important part of the plan - fingers crossed for all those projects!


Very interested to hear about the infrastructure initiatives for Unity and Godot! That could be hugely helpful for anyone trying to break into metaverse development


Linking to both proposals, but let me know if you need more details: happy to connect to people working on each:

  1. Unity
  2. Godot
  3. There is also a game that will be launched in ~Nov taking advantage of Unity integration
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Hi @sashahudzilin I am enthralled by the vision and already a fan. I would love to connect with the Human Guild and explore areas of cooperation on behalf of the NEAR Intelligence Agency :slight_smile:

Excited to see awesome applications and captivating games being launched on NEAR. This is one niche which can skyrocket the community participation and engagement in DApps. Wishing you and the teams great success!

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Hi @sashahudzilin I am enthralled by the vision and already a fan. I would love to connect with the Human Guild and explore areas of cooperation on behalf of the NEAR Intelligence Agency :slight_smile:

Very easy to connect to us - join our Discord and find me there :slight_smile:

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Hey Sasha, among the 18 gaming projects, which are already launched on mainnet now?