(Proposal) KAPiTAL NFT NEAR Meetup

Dear Near Community,

We, KAPiTAL, are a project space based in Berlin Neulkölln specialised on public discussions and artist talks. We host in average 2-4 talks a week with around 15-25 people attending. We would hereby like to share the opportunity to create a monthly “NFT Stammtisch” - monthly meetups with a growing group of artists affiliated with our project. KAPiTAL is already actively inviting artists from their collection to make NFTs with NEAR Protokol, and is creating a network and community around NEAR NFTs. We have tested the format of the NFT Stammtisch twice in November and December 2021 and would like to develop the concept. The following application is as such motivated by the felt, huge interest of our community in the subject of Blockchain technology.


The goal is to introduce artists and the general public to the world of NFTs and address questions related to the Blockchain and NEAR in specific. In doing so, we will also increase the NFT presence in the Berlin art scene and invite people to become collectors of NFTs. The main objectives of the Stammtisch will be to host this community and:

· Introduce the KAPiTAL NFT project to new artists and potential collectors.
· Educate onboarded artists about NFTs and share knowledge and know-how by having Q and As.
· Increase the knowledge of the NEAR Protokol and NFTs by inviting key speakers and grow a community of artists and professionals within the business of NFTs.
. Introduce and explore ideas for the use of blockchain technolgy in art and beyond.


We expect the NFT Stammtisch to:

· Create awareness about NFTs and blockchain in the Berlin Art scene.
. Increase the number of users of NFT technology for art
· Form a hub where people can ask questions and share knowledge on the topic of NFTs and
· Develop an online Fundraiser for the project in partnership with Stammtisch attendees.
. Explore possibilities of alternative art markets


Successful implementation of the Stammtisch will mean:

· 75% of participants will create NEAR Wallets.
· By inviting artists and collectors we will be able to increase the number of traffic in our gallery on Mintbase and activate sales of NFTs. At least 25 new artists should be contributing with NFTs to the KAPiTAL gallery.
· Through the network of the Stammtisch we will be able to locate more key speakers to even further grow the knowledge sharing platform and to educate the community and the project itself. We should at least identify 3 new attendees/community groups from the network per Stammtisch.
· Increase the traffic on our Social Media Platforms, (Instagram, Twitter, Meetup, Facebook) to further raise interest in the topic and upccoming events.
· Identify other NEAR projects that can enrich the Stammtisch, develop collaborations and grow the community.

  1. REACH

We expect the project will reach:

· 300 people attending in person over a year with a monthly Stammtisch (12 in total).
· 10.000 through online promotion on Social Media of the Stammtisch and the Mintbase gallery.
· 1.000 through the online fundraiser.


· Artists
· Collectors
· Partners
· Tech startups
· Academics/researchers
· Crypto currency investors
· General Berlin public
· KAPiTAL guests

  1. WHERE?

The Stammtisch will take place in Berlin:

Karl-Marx-Platz 16-18
12043 Berlin

And online via GoogleMeets.

  1. WHEN?

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month:
12th January
9th February
9th March
13th April
11th May
8th June
13th July
10th August
14th September
12th October
9th November
14th December

  1. COSTS 2022

5.850 EUROS

· Venue hire: 600 Euro
· Staff pay annually: 1.000 Euro
· Organizer pay annually: 2.500 Euro
· Marketing and promotion: 250 Euro
· Key speaker honorarium: 1.000 Euro
· Workshop 500 Euro

It would be great if you would advise us on funding levels and general feedback. We are very excited to start the project!


Hello! I really like the idea of meetups, there is a Discord server for that indeed, where meetups are planned! you may wanna check their discord NEAR Meet

And when it comes to request funds, take a look at this Guide it explains step by step how to request funding!



Awesome proposal! I’m curious to learn more, and I’d love to support.

Let’s connect for a 1-1 discussion? I’m open to chat in our new #berlin channel of the NEAR Meet Discord (James | NEAR#0357), Twitter, Telegram, etc.

I’ve also taken liberty of creating a #berlin group in the NEAR Meet DAO here:


Only members of that group can use a private channel for #berlin event organizers in our Discord community. You may visit MoonbaseBot.xyz to learn how that works.

Excited to help! Looking forward to future updates from your guild :slightly_smiling_face: