[Proposal] Collaboration Echo Sound Festival Lisbon 2022 & Muti

Hello NEARians & mutiDAO!

We are excited to present to you today the first edition of Echo Sound 2022 happening in Lisbon.

Name: Echo Sound 2022
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Dates: 10 & 11th of September
Website: echosoundfestival.com

Echo Sound presents itself as a festival that promotes the Lisbon music scene. The program mostly features emerging artists, presenting approximately 15 local bands and DJs. The festival is also aiming to bring international bands as well as projects from other Portuguese cities to Lisbon.

In addition to showcasing the local music scene of Lisbon, it intends to invite visual artists and VJ’s to complement the program with its artistic contamination. Another presence of the festival will be a market for products from small local shopkeepers related to the music scene (vinyl, labels, merchandise producers) as well as craft and food stands.

Through recordings, videos and photography, we are not just archiving the festival, but also increasing the visibility of the emerging artists - this material can be used by the bands e.g. also for future promotional activities. Echo Sound sees itself as a starting point to spotlight emerging artists and provide them a stage for their future development.

Echo Sound’s main goal is to bring the music scene of Lisbon together. The festival wants to give artists a stage, where they can present their creation to the local community and raise their visibility. In addition to this, Echo Sound wants to create a network between the local artists of Lisbon and other players in the music scene.

  • Bring the music scene of Lisbon together - min. 85 % of the presenting emerging artists are based in Lisbon;
  • Present new artists to the local community - min. 400 people are participating in the festival on both days;
  • Raise their visibility - provide live stream concerts, have coverage of a minimum of 4 media representatives, and record content for archival;
  • Create a network - guarantee a minimum of 5 collaborative projects to evolve out of the festival.

The main participating artists are bands located in Lisbon. The majority of the bands have a relationship with Waahs Studios - they either rehearse or rehearsed in the studio or made some recordings there. So far the following artists are confirmed:

  • Acid Acid
  • Atoms Never Touch
  • Erosão
  • Hércules
  • Jasmim
  • Madama
  • Moloch
  • New Candys
  • Psychic Bloom
  • Quebra
  • Sun Waahs
  • The Tourorists
  • Too Many Suns

Echo Sound is happy to develop a collaboration with the Muti collective. We are aiming to invite 3 bands of Muti’s rooster to the stage and have the MutiDAO present with a booth at the festival.

Why not just book your flight and join us for the first edition of Echo Sound in Lisbon? If you wish to get more information get in contact with us via hello@echosoundfestival.com or follow us on our social media channels. We are happy to see you soon in Lisbon!

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Kathrin of the Echo Sound Team
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timeline and our (nice) artwork can be seen here

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Heya @Echo_Sound !

This sounds amazing and very much aligned with muti’s goals as well.
We are happy to support the festival with 500 USD and would like to bring the following lineup:
The Tourorists
Shaka’s Lo-Fi Experience.

muti will cover the costs for the 3 projects as well as the mutibazaar (total value 500 USD).

Let us know if this works for you and when you would like to have an onboarding session so we can create the NEAR wallet for you :slight_smile:

Hey there again,

Please give us an update regarding a date for the onboarding sessions and the next steps :slight_smile:

Dear NEARians & mutiDAO!

due to un unexpected cancelation from the location side we are forced to reschedule the echo sound festival to next year springtime / early summer.

We are now developing the next steps and will confirm the new dates as soon as possible.

We still would like to continue the collaboration with Muti for the Echo Sound fest with the new dates in the next year and kindly ask you to hold on to the funds until further notice.

we are deeply sorry for this update but we belive that rescheduling was at this point and with the alternatives the only right decision.

thanks for your understanding.


Thanks for the update @Echo_Sound .
Looking forward to seeing the next steps and new dates confirmed!

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