[Proposal] IDEAL Crypto Community meet-up [December]

Summary Overview:

Hi NEAR community!

We are planning to conduct a 1 day session on December 30th inside Kerala, India. As a member of NEAR India Ambassadors, I am planning to use this one day meet-up to the benefit of NEAR by promoting NEAR PROTOCOL and NEAR ECOSYSTEM.

This is the second meet-up of IDEAL group. IDEAL crypto community is a community in Kerala which consist of many Traders, YouTube Influencers, Engineering Students, Technical Analysis experts, Teachers, etc.


The meet-up’s main goal is to provide the community members with essential knowledge that will help them to Identify and invest in exceptional blockchain projects like NEAR in the early stage itself. Also in this meet-up we plan to boost the number of active Crypto Traders in the community.

Objectives as follows:

  • To provide necessary knowledge that is needed to identify good and exceptional blockchain projects.
  • To promote NEAR protocol among the community and Explain how we are better than Ethereum.
  • To gain the support of influencers who are active in the Malayalam Crypto space.


We expect the Meet-up to:

  • Make the members to be able to identify good projects independently, without following price predictions
  • Increase awareness about scam projects
  • Help them understand the importance of Market Cap.
  • Expand the scope of NEAR India Ambassadors program. Give the Teachers and Engineering Students in the community, awareness about NEAR university program.


  1. All of attendees will open NEAR Wallet accounts.

  2. YouTube influencers and other local influencers will create & promote more content about NEAR

  3. Have all of the attendees follow NEAR on social media (our members have a growing and active following already on YouTube, Telegram, Instagram, Quora and Twitter)

  4. We’ll report to NEAR about new open source project ideas from the community


  • We estimate the Meet-up to have 50-100 people.
  • 500,000 cumulative impressions via digital media including , local influencers, and our partners in crypto space.
  • Most of the members of IDEAL are Influential people (mouth publicity in root level can be expected)


  • Crypto traders
  • College/university students
  • Associations and investment groups
  • Accountants & bankers
  • Key local influencers
  • Blockchain enthusiasts


The event will be held at Perinthalmanna which is a place in Malappuram District of Kerala, India. Malappuram is known for Investors, Influencers, Entrepreneurs and Leaders. The people there have been active in crypto space for many years now. So crypto is not a new concept to them. They are only lacking the technical knowledge to spot out good projects and that’s where IDEAL plans to help them.

7. WHEN?

The event is planned on 30th of December 2021 from 10:00 AM IST to 05:00 PM IST.


Expecting Sponsorship of: 1050 USD

Transport and accommodation of our Team: 250 USD

Marketing: 500 USD

Food & Beverages: 300 USD


Sponsorship of 1050 USD gives:

  • Visibility on all promotional materials.
  • Promotions (via YouTube, Telegram & Instagram Influencers)
  • Giveaway of NEAR tokens to participants (Incentives for opening NEAR wallets)

Transport and accommodation of our staff:

With so many eager to learn more about blockchain and crypto, it is a great opportunity for us to educate them about these new technologies and inspire them to join the NEAR Protocol. A lot of enthusiastic people are willing to come from different districts for the meet-up.

Our funding request amounts to $41.5 per person (Team consist of 6 Persons: 3 Crypto Influencers who are members of NEAR India Ambassadors Program, 2 MLM leaders, 1 YouTube Influencer who played a crucial role in promoting ‘Coinsbit India’ Exchange in Kerala)

Marketing material:

  • A videographer to document the session.
  • Banners in the hall at the event day
  • Posters and fliers
  • Social media promotions (Instagram, Facebook, etc. paid promotion via boost posts)

We would be pleased to hear feedback from the community and guidance on funding options. With that, we believe this could bring visibility and awareness of the NEAR Protocol and NEAR Ecosystem to a significant part of Kerala .



I really like the idea of meet-ups! Have you considered the marketing-dao to propose this event and ask for funds?


How it will help our community.
We need more local influencers for promotions.

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Thank you :heart:. Can you guide me how to do it? or any links which can help me. Is it just like the monthly reward submission? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Aswin_snb,

Thanks for your interest. I’d appreciate if this event had a technical angle and not an MLM angle. Crypto in India already is struggling with mainstream adoption exactly because of the ponzi or MLM narrative, so we shouldn’t touch influencers, forex traders and MLM with a 10 foot pole.

This, imo, should take an educational angle and less focussed on shilling and trading. I’d also like to understand why Malappuram, instead of, say Kochi for instance, which has a booming startup and tech community, especially since funding is being requested for travelling for the team members.


We wanted to conduct it at Ernakulam but most of the members chose Malappuram. Also this meet-up is for providing technical knowledge, not shilling. I only mentioned MLM in audience, they already work with Coinsbit exchange. There are Computer Science Engineering students also. They help to reach more people. Meet-up’s main focus is to educate our community about How to identify good crypto projects and how to stay away from scams. Team Members are from Thrissur, Palakkad, Kozhikode. There are members who want to know how to mint NFTs also. So I took it as an oppurtunity to promote us.

I was planning to give a few NEAR tokens as giveaways, that’s why the Funding request.