NEAR India Guild report (March 2021)

Month: March-2021

Guild Name: NEAR India Guild

Monthly Highlights:

  • We started a new initiative "NEAR Blockchain weekend events ‘’ to educate a community where we organize two events the first event is the introduction and the second event is to give practical use of NEAR protocol or its products.

  • Won the NEAR Bounty for project EtherNaal by our guild member Gnana Lakshmi T C (Click here for more details)

  • We connected to “Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador SRM club” who are very interested to make a partnership with us (Prospectus).


  1. Introduction to NFT Talk at Kerala Blockchain Academy + Demo of NEP-4 NFT Creation using Figment tutorials by Gnana Lakshmi T C and click here to watch the recording.

  2. Under the "NEAR Blockchain weekend events ‘’ initiative Jitendra host an event with TamilBTC community where I teach the overview of the NEAR protocol and you can watch the event recording here.

  3. The second event Under the "NEAR Blockchain weekend events ‘’ initiative was by Gnana Lakshmi T C where she taught the tamilBTC community to create NFT using Mintbase and you can find the recording here.

Video Content:

  1. The first video is Created by Kuen and this video for Sandbox launch and click here to watch the video.

  2. Kuen created this nice Logo reveal for NEAR INDIA and click here to watch.

  3. And the third video is also created by Kuen for International Women’s day, Promoting women in tech with NEAR INDIA, and click here to watch.

  4. Vintoh kumar created this video where he shared the NEAR updates with his community.

  5. Jiten created this video to give education about NEAR Academy and the video can be watch by click here.

Blog Post:

  1. Jiten published one article on Coinmonks publication with the title- ’ Gaming On NEAR Protocol’.
  2. Jiten published another article on publish0X with the title- ‘’ Six Most Advanced Platforms On NEAR Protocol For Your Smooth Landing In The NFT World"
  3. Rohit created an informative article in the Hindi language and published it over, and to read this article please click here


  1. The first translation is done by Sanket and he translated the NEAR blog’s article ’ The NEAR Blockchain is Climate Neutral’ into Hindi and you can find the translated article here.
  2. The second article also translated by Sanket and he translated another article from the NEAR blog with the title ’ NEAR is in the Top 50 – Crypto Valley VC Report’ into Hindi and to find the translated article please click here.
  3. The third article is translated by Jiten where he translated an article with the title ’ Well hello, NEAR Academy! ’ into Odia language and you can find the article click here.


  1. Kuen created this beautiful graphic for HOLI festive wishes-Click here.
  2. Kuen created this infographic for NEAR and OCTOPUS Partnership- Click here.
  3. Jiten created this infographic to describe ten wallets to store NEAR token- Click here

Social Media Management and Analytics (Telegram/ Twitter/ Reddit/ Wechat):
Twitter- Click here

Telegram- Telegram: Contact @cryptonear_IN

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Thanks Jiten! I hope the NEAR Blockchain weekend events are doing well, would love to hear more about it in our next meeting!