[ proposal ] humans of near


Humans of Near is a web4 PFP Collection with an investment environment for application. The project aims to work with communities around the globe, to brand web4 concepts and values in digital and IRL scenarios.

For Intellectual Propriety Protection, deeper details are being developed at calls with the participant teams and Human Guild.

Further details will be present to public at the disclosure of the web4 dapp and social medias at phase 2.


  • Phase 1 - Development of social medias, web4 dapp, foundation, system design, research and database creation, define partnerships

  • Phase 2 - Creation of art material from research data results, marketing strategy, HON NEARHUB Room development, fill dapp with data from research

  • Phase 3 - IDO development, Build/Partner Launchpad, Start Marketing Campaign

  • Phase 4 - Launch

As discussed at the calls, The Clan Guild will be responsible for a third of the art development choice, as brand development, with research, the NEAR HUB concept and 3D development and project management.

6200 USD in NEAR


Branding 2 MONTHS from approval
Art Development 2 MONTHS from approval
NEARHUB Room 1 MONTH from approval
Management 3 MONTHS with 1 call per month for disclosure and updates

Any material and links will be presented at the meetings.

Thank you

The Clan Guild