Proposal for a 4 Track EP Compilation... Titled -Tip of An Iceberg

Proposer: Officer Lehleh

Wallet: lehleh.near

Timeline: October 1, 2022 to October 31, 2022.

Hi Everyone


Am Owonikoko Olakunle A.K.A ‘Officer Lehleh’. I am an Artiste, lyricist and composer. I have been a member of the ecosystem and NxM since March, 2022 and since then, the journey has been a great one, along the way becoming a moderator in Burlesquedao.

I do have the NxM Badge.

I started music at a very early stage having started with my brother as a duo.

I love Music, having released one studio project and all online and also participated in several DAOs’ musical projects such as:

  1. Bayor vocal contest by beatdao
  2. Reggae DAO Reggae music freestyle contest
  3. A music collaboration with BigM in White Ape the Rarest Ape titled ‘Rise Up’
  4. Rhymes and Flow
  5. Reggae DAO patois contest
  6. I also have a solo collaboration with BigM titled ‘Baby Girl’

I have minted a total of Two songs and here are the links

I’ll love the opportunity to become a contributor in the ecosystem

Also below is the link to my profile on audiomack where my studio album ‘Babylon-2-Zion’ released.

Babylon To zion by LehLeh: Listen on Audiomack

The Ep will be Available in a month after approval with the Artwork.

I own the rights to all my songs. All rights include lyrics and instrumentation.


This is my first creative project and funding request with the prestigious NxM and it is with joyful heart desires and optimism I want to talk about this project and what it means to me.

I appreciate the NxM for this opportunity.

The EP is to serve as motivation to young people out there who sees the future to be too bleak and don’t have hope on what will happen in the coming future.

I will be making use of @Omegadigi-world for the beats, mixing and mastering inorder to have a quality results as they have been tested and can be trusted and also have the plan to make use of this project to onboard the producers and upcoming artiste working with Omegadigi through a listening party into the ecosystem.

The finished songs will be minted on NxM store on Mintbase with all exclusive rights with forever royalties.

Music production and recording for the Four (4) songs : $200
Mixing and mastering for the Four (4) songs: $200, Artwork by is $50
Logistics is $50
Total : $500 in Near

Wallet: lehleh.near

I will require 50% which is 250usd upfront and then the remaining 50% which is 250usd after completion.

Thank You Nxm,
Near Forever.


@fiatisabubble… What’s up bro

Hey there!

Doing well. I’m unsure why have you tagged me on a topic from last year :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah bro… I got a notification that you worked on this proposal, so I don’t know what it was all about, that was why I tagged you.