Proposal : Creation of 4 track Reggae EP Titled Vitamin UI

Good day Reggae Dao Lordships,

(Proposal) Creation of 4 track Reggae EP Titled Vitamin U

Wallet ID: lehleh.near

About Me:

I’m Owonikoko Olakunle A.K.A Officer LehLeh…I live in Ibadan Oyo state, Nigeria.
I’m a certified Reggae, Dancehall music artiste.
I’ve been in the near ecosystem for a while now and been an active member of Reggae Dao since early March last year. I have participated in different activities in the ecosystem and also in the Reggae Dao events like Reggae contest and Patios contest which I came out as one of the winners.

I have an albto my credit and it’s blazing hard now on audiomack… The to the job link is hereby underneath:

I have also minted some songs on mintbase store which are:
svaradao.mintbase1.near on mintbase
Opennxm.mintbase1.near on mintbase
You can check through this link below:

About the project:
Firstly I appreciate the Reggae Dao for this Great opportunity.

This is my first creative project in the prestigious ecosystem and in Reggae Dao community as well and it is with creative desires and enthusiasm to talk about this project and what it means to me.

The EP is to serve as motivation to young people in and out of the ecosystem who are thinking it’s impossible to achieve their dreams.

Also this EP is to bring more life to Reggae Music as my personal Thoughts is that young lads nowadays finds it hard to enjoy music with good content.

The Ep I want to work on will consist of 4 Songs , all Beats will be by@Omegadigi and music to be recorded, mix and mastered at @Omegadigi studio also here in Ibadan as music producer and musical genius in the ecosystem , short video to be handled by @Adevideo while graphics will be done by @Ashyne and I will also feature other ecosystem artiste @Tobyparadise01 as an icing on the cake to rap it up.

Promise approving this proposal would be a great opportunity of bringing the best out of me and onboarding 50 new talented people into the Reggae Dao and the ecosystem at large and create 50new wallets for all of them while hosting them through the Ep listening party.

The EP in long to be minted on the NxM store and the royalties from it will be shared according to the appropriate sharing formula.

Music production and recording for the Four (4) songs : $200
Mixing and mastering for the Four (4) songs: $100
Artwork: $50
@tobyparadise01: $50
Short Promo video: $50
Listening Party: $50
Total : $500 in Near

I will require 50% which is 250usd upfront and then the remaining 50% which is 250usd after completion

Target wallet: lehleh.near

I’m open to answer questions concerning my project.



Good day mate.
Could you insert links to your previous works, please? I.e, songs you have on any music platform


Check your numbers, please. Is it five or four songs?


Also, kindly list those who are responsible for
a. Artwork
b. Mixing and mastering
c. Short promo video.

Thank you.


So glad to be part of this project​:heart_eyes: Best of luck bro​:pray:t4:


Also, i am wondering whther you have previously minted any song before now and what you plan to achieve with this EP and how it contributes to the growth of the ecosystem.

Thank you.


@BigM007 yeah I have minted songs on mint store which the royalties as proceeds are well bein enjoyed by me till date.

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Can you list the songs minted and kindly answer the second question.

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@BigM… I have 2 songs

1, Baby girl ft BigM the monster producer
2. Rise up… BigM ft Lehleh

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All work ( Artwork, mixing and mastering of songs and short video will be executed @Omegadigi-world For a smooth job.

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We are trying to create an avenue for opportunities to go round.
Could you split graphics, short video, mixing snd mastering amonsgt three people?

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@BigM007 Ok…
Music mixing and mastering will be handled by @Omegadigi-world while Short video will be handled by @Adevideos and graphics will handled by @Ashyne

Makes sense that way.
Dont forget to list the mintbase links of your songs please.

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@BigM007 They are:

  1. svaradao.mintbase1.near on mintbase
  2. Opennxm.mintbase1.near on mintbase
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These are stores where you minted. We need the links themselves. You can search for the songs on these stores and copy the links out.

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@BigM007 You can go through the proposal very as all you seek are there already and I don’t see any reason for further twist on this proposal… Thanks


Seen, thanks. Good luck, you’ll still need approval from @Jahzonemusician.

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Greetings @OfficerLehLeh_01 thanks for the proposal and that shows how you want the ecosystem to grow, :heart::heart::heart::heart:.

If I may ask,

How do you want to onboard those 10 people and also creation of 50 wallets?


Thanks bro… I guess that was a typographical error… The targeted audience is 50/50 in total… You can check the proposal, I have effected the necessary corrections
… Moreover I have a plan of throwing a listening party after the studio job which I will invite people to enjoy the good Reggae chune… Through this gathering I will onboard new people into the ecosystem and open wallets for them.

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