[Proposal] ExpanCHAN of the CHANverse

Welcome to the CHANverse

This month we will be hosting a Residency for 3 Artists to begin the expansion of the CHANverse. After a responsive VanCHAN campaign it’s time to add more characters into the mix as we embark on the next phase of this fun community art project!

Here’s How It Works

Part One - The Selection Process:

  • Nominate an artist by linking their Paras account in the comments below
  • Top 5 comments based on number of likes will be selected


Start on March 5th and close on March 9th

Part Two - Voting

  • A Poll with be voted on by the VanDAO community to decide the 3 Artist for the residency


Starts on March 9th and closes on March 10th

Part Three - Once Selected

  • Once selected the 3 artists will choose 1 member of the community holding a VanDAO Membership NFT to use as their muse
  • Each resident artist will create 3 CHAN drawings of their chosen member and mint them on Paras
  • Once minted and our residency is complete the DAO will purchase ONE of the drawings for 10 $NEAR (could fluctuate prior to the start of the residency)


Begins March 11th and closes on March 21st

Request = 30 N (10 to each resident via NFT purchase)

To be added to this post:

  • Link to the Membership NFT Publication on Paras