( PROPOSAL ) ELKHUSH & BILLI Joint listening EP collaboration

Hello Onboarding Dao Fam.

I remain EL KHUSH an active member of the C1 community a contributor and a council leader with CAPITAL GUILD.

I had shared an idea with @OGbillions and @Pillypillz.near for a joint strictly by invitation listening EP on our recently completed and Minted EP with the C1 Guild community

El Khush: Eden

Billi billion: A billion Dreams

We plan to have a closed door listening EP with at least 20 hand picked serious minded creators who take their art seriously, as we want to use this as a way of onboarding new creatives to the community, the program is expected to last at least 5 hours, we will use the 1st 2 hours to welcome & introduce all attendees to the web3 ecosystem where we would have some delegated guest speakers from the C1 foundation to give a short introduction to near and then explain how it would help build their careers.
There will be an AMA where we would ask the invitees questions and the best answered will receive an airdrop of 1 audio NFTs from our EP each
Creation and activation of wallet for all invited guests
There will be pictures and videos from the event to be minted as a collection to attach all invited guests to the the minted art
Afterwards we also want to experiment with the tokenized ticketing to gift the invited creatives as the C1 has plans of implementing this by July for members of the community
There would be stage performances by me and Billi and some other invited artists


will be the MC and Hypeman of the Listening EP.

For the web3 introduction we will discuss:

  • Introduction of Invited Creatives
  • Near/web3 introduction ( using some already created modules )
  • NFTs & Market places ( with illustrations and examples)
  • Artists opportunities/Building a roadmap
  • Web3 tools and resources.
  • Self sustainability

There will be a projector screen to display all the illustrations.

EP proper:

There will be performances by me and Billi to be followed by performances by invited artists
All invited artists who would perform are expected to come with an unreleased but already recorded songs to be minted afterwards as NFTs

Music performances
Dance performances


  • The aim of this EP is to further create awareness of our just finished EP
  • Onboarding new members and creatives to the C1 guild community
  • Sensitization and teaching creatives how to be strategic with their art.
  • Creating NFTs and contents for the C1 guild.
  • Wallet activation for at least 20 invited creatives

We are targeting to onboard:
20 creatives
1 Dj
1 dancer
1 camera man
23 creatives

On this project we will:

  • Rent a space $200
  • hire a camera man photos/videos $200 ( editing/transportation and bounty )
  • rent a projector/hire a Dj $150
  • transportation for only invited performing artist’s/bounty. $150
  • refreshments/bounty: $250
  • MC bounty: $50
    Total: $950

Target wallet: elkhush1.near

Thank you for your support as we look forward to make this an exciting and successful project.

Also tagging @onboardingDao


Great work guys, let’s get this

Yo fam we have reviewed your proposal and concluded it’s an onboarding DAO scope, kindly refer to #onboarding-dao for July budget and see what’s up but yeah I love the idea.

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Yo Fam @Dedeukwu, that’s fine and thank you, will change the tags to onboarding Dao.

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Yes brother, much appreciated