A proposal for my First NFT project EP “A BILLION DREAM”

Greetings my C1 community Fam,

I go by the name: BILLI BILLION

IG: https://instagram.com/billibillion?utm_medium=copy_link

I’m an Afro pop artist from the east part of Nigeria with over 6000 active fan base on Instagram I have projects on the mainstream, I have “kowale” on all platform & I’ve also worked with “PERUZZI” with a song titled “ABEG” BILLI ABEG X PERUZZI - YouTube which has 110k steams on YouTube.

I’ve been hoping to share with the near community some projects that I’ve been working on, actually it’s my first 3songs Ep project on this platform. The Ep will represent my journey so far from the web2 mainstream to the web3 ecosystem, it’s been a hell of a journey for me on the mainstream so on this Ep I will get to express myself & tell the full story of my journey so far.

The first song on the Ep is titled

“On Time”

which was inspired by my journey from the mainstream to the web3 ecosystem. My journey on the mainstream was brutal due to the kind of people (plugs) I was sorrounded with, I had issues with my music promotions & managements before I was introduced to the web3 ecosystem by ELKHUSH.

The second song on the Ep.

“Nobody” which was inspired by the kind of support I got from someone special when I was going through difficulties on the mainstream. This days it’s really hard for people to believe & invest in your craft so when you see someone that genuinely support you, you got to appreciate it cause its really hard to find these days.

And the last on the EP is

“AYE AKAMARA” (Life comes in phases)

Is the continuation of the first track “ON TIME”

Aye akamara was inspired by the day to day struggles on the mainstream, the ups & down, the disappointments, the greed, the lies, the promises which were never fulfilled. The lost hope & the ability to overcome all the obstacles.

So I will be working with a producer on the web3 ecosystem SHOWBOYBEAT who also has a lot of recognition on the mainstream & has worked with the likes of peruzzi, Barry jay, Mr mayd, wande coal,myself, idowest etc.

For the project to be successfully completed I will be working with.

Producer: audio production/mixing/mastering $400

Artwork cover: $100 ( for the 3 songs )

Social media ads: $100 ( TikTok and IG )

Total cost = $600 45.21Near

Other expenses will be covered by me and communicated accordingly. Thank you

@Dedeukwu @JCB


This is great to see you’re already experimenting after being onboarded by @ELKHUSH and I’m super excited to support this project despite C1 Guild is not familiar with proposals of making a music album or E.P.

Still I’m glad to see this approved and have the NFTs in the C1Auction store.
Note we don’t fund for social media ads but if @JCB and the NEAR community see potentials in paying the web2 platform to promote this project then it’s fine by me.

Btw the context of the project is epic fire and my advice is to onboard new talents from the producer, artwork designer and anyone else involved to the NEAR web3 ecosystem with activated $NEAR wallets through this project.

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Thank you very much @Dedeukwu your comments means a lot , I appreciate :heart:

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