June Moderators Update

Peace Creatives Community!

The moderator team @creativesdao-council @blusw @williamx @Cryptonaut @kc_sollano wanted to give you all an update as it is clear that this month there are many changes and potentially some confusion and frustration with the community around proposals.

We currently added 5 new moderators to the team to assist with the workload and prepare to carry on this work when the previous team eventually transitions out of our roles in August. With this comes a lot of onboarding and learning. On top of this, we are collectively working on writing a grant to NF to showcase the immense value we bring to NEAR and roadmap our plans towards self sustainability. In order for this to happen realistically, there must be some changes that happen. It is not sustainable for us to accept all proposals submitted without confirming their value and determining how to communicate this value to NF, otherwise there is potential for NF to perceive us as irresponsible and terminate their support for us. We are doing our best at striking the balance between maintaining an inclusive, creative/human centered community culture while being financially responsible in the eyes of NF.

Traditionally Creatives DAO has been one of the quicker spaces to have funding approved and we know that this time span has been shifting over the last two months as more evolution happens. We understand the stress of waiting for funds but will not be reckless in this time of great change by trying to rush. Rather, we will be moving with intention and care to ensure the foundations of our collective future are solid. We kindly ask you all to be patient with the team as we move through proposals.

We have already tentatively closed Creatives DAO from accepting any new DAOs for the next 2 months and now are doing our housekeeping to analyze projects for the value they are brining to the ecosystem and defining what exactly Creatives DAO should be funding. Mostly what we are doing is consolidating all of the amazing efforts that have happened here into comprehensible language and metrics to showcase our importance in the NEAR ecosystem.

Metrics within current/future proposals/reports
We are respectfully asking all DAOs to begin to provide monthly metric goals in their upcoming proposals as well as confined retro metrics in upcoming reports. These metrics can include numbers of NEAR wallets onboarded, NFTs minted, events thrown, workshops provided, participants engaged etc. As we gather this information, we want to make sure that we maintain the humanness of our community and not get too lost in numbers so we welcome you to also include metrics unique to your projects that you believe bring value to the ecosystem. Perhaps these can look like developing new systems for onboarding, experimenting with decentralization in new ways, providing efficient systems or any kind of artistic or social impact you feel is important.

Metrics from the past
Gathering all measurable information moving forward is not the only priority here. We also need to gather our past value contributions to show all of the beauty that has happened this year. This will make our application much stronger. For this we are putting together quarterly reports that showcase metrics from all the DAOs within this community to submit to NF. We ask for you to please collect the metrics/measurables from all your projects since January 2022 to present by the end of June in a reports titled Quarter One Report - DAO NAME and Quarter Two Report - DAO NAME . so we can provide community wide Q1 (January-March) and Q2 (April-June) reports within the Creatives DAO grant proposal beginning of June.

Before the next funding cycle the team will dedicate time to providing more concrete guidelines on what we are looking for here but bear with us as we adapt and evolve to the asks of NF.

We thank you for your patience and fluidity as we expand into these next levels as collaborators. We hope these do not instill competitive or fearful energy within the community but rather bring us closer together as we rework how to cooperative support us all. Feel free to provide your questions, comments and concerns here as we are all experimenting and this is an open forum we can all contribute to improving.


Kudos for this well thought out plan. :fire:

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Hey all,

Here I add my personal feelings rather than an moderation announcement.

Using metrics to measure and quantify creativity is something that can feel deeply disturbing to a creative and I actually think that this is beautifully natural. Creativity often takes us beyond boundaries. It is freedom for so many of us. It is a sacred relationship that cannot be contained. So in many ways it feels insulting to want to measure it.

When I look to the root, metrics are communication. Numbers being used as a tools to translate a message.

We are important. Creativity is LIFE. Let us use this tool to uplift ourselves and create clarity between one another. Let us define what the numbers mean, rather than the numbers defining us. In a way, isn’t that what this entire crypto world has potential for… redefining value?

Thanks all!


Thank you, this Post is really helpful​:blush::blush::heart:


Yes @Ligaya . Thank you for the update @adrianseneca


What a beautiful line, can we quote it and use it on our socials?


Yes Absolutely @FritzWorm !


Beautiful…Well said!