[introduction] DoiDoi DAO

Hi everyone!
We are really happy to present to you our new project: Doi Doi.studio!

What is the DoiDoi Project?

DOIDOI DAO is a platform to promote underexposed indie artists by supporting and promoting their work. We aim to research visual story telling in its multiple forms, be it analog and digital zines, picture books, animation pieces or any kind of experimental medium that is able to evoke the power of storytelling. Artists working in indie comics and illustration are usually faced with very precarious work conditions. Even though this artists create incredible and thought provoking work, their efforts rarely materializes in a fair monetary compensation, not allowing them focus 100% in their work.

Doi Doi DAO is born out of a need to help this artists realise their true potential.

DoiDoi Goals

  • Create digital + analog zines, picture books, comics and animation;
  • Encourage and finance artistic projects within the same goals;
  • Create a place where underrepresented voices can have resources to support personal work outside of mainstream constrictions;
  • Promote artistic residencies to foster a creative environment and develop personal and collective projects within the same goals;
  • Set up an efficient, quick and standard way to publish and share zines;

DoiDoi DAO Team

Vera Machado @verapm : verapm.near
On-chain fund manager, creative director and resident artist

Patricia Shim @atshim : atshim.near
Curator, production manager, and resident artist

Francisco Lourenço @nearestchico : nearestchico.near

Social Networks

Who’s our team?

Vera Machado is an illustrator, animator and creative director. She started her career working for indie animation films and soon expanded her portfolio to illustration, music videos and filmmaking. She’s currently working on a picture book and an animated documentary. www.verapm.com

Patricia Shim is an illustrator, tattoo artist and zines enthusiast. www.patriciashim.com
She started working as a costume designer at the age of seventeen and worked with various companies between Porto and Lisbon like GrETUA, A Turma, Artistas Unidos, etc and was highlighted as the emerging artist of 2014 by Cão Danado. The same year she started studying fashion and the year after she was selected through a contest to show a capsule-collection at Portugal Fashion. Illustration and tattoos have kept her busy for quite some time and she is dreaming of making picture books and comics. Currently working on the art direction for a picture film.

Francisco Lourenço is a digital artist and has been in the NEAR community for some time being one of the council members of VR DAO. www.franciscolourenco.art


Our roadmap has the objective of establishing a constant flow of support to small projects. To assure that, our first priority will be to make sure that our pipeline of production is functioning flawlessly. So we will start by test running a selection of projects that will serve as a learning process to understand how to efficiently plan and produce storytelling media.

May 2022

  1. Creation of a zine publication #1 ;
  2. Setting a social media strategy to grow the community: instagram + telegram;
  3. Creation of a website;
  4. Creation of a logo + branding;

June 2022

  1. Funding for creation of Final Art for picture book #2;
  2. Writing & development of picture book #3;

July 2022

  1. 1st collective Artistic residency;
  2. Funding for creation of Final Art for picture book # 2;
  3. Storyboard development of picture book # 3.
    4.Creation of manuals for upcoming unpublished artists to open their NEAR wallets;

August 2022

  1. Publishing of the projects from the 1st collective Artistic residency;
  2. Creation of the pdf catalog of the production of artists in residence;
  3. Online exhibition of the projects developed in the residence;

September 2022

  1. Funding for picture book # 2;
  2. Funding for picture book # 3;
  3. Finance #4 ZINE project for artists outside the DoiDoi DAO;

October 2022

  1. Finance #5 ZINE project for artists outside the DoiDoi DAO;
  2. Finance #6 ZINE project for artists outside the DoiDoi DAO;
  3. Finance #7 ZINE project for artists outside the DoiDoi DAO;
  4. Funding final phase for picture book # 2;
  5. Funding final phase for picture book # 3 ;

We are really excited to start this project and we hope you can get on board with us on this adventure.

Best regards,
DoiDoi.studio Team