[PROPOSAL] Documentation of onboarding process in DAOrecords

Hello Guys!

As NFT music scene is growing really fast, more musicians want to join to the community and to the DAOrecords, unfortunately based to my experience in trying to onboard new people, most of them have a lot of questions about the process, the NFT and the DAOrecords itself, as there is no clear and simple documentation for people that are not familiar with crypto world, they actually don’t know what they need to do or even how to use wallets. Me, bonepoliceofficial.near and trashlights.near are going to change that and educate more people about the community, as we want to prepare the documentation/instruction related with onboarding process.

In the documentation we want to include:
a) introduction to the NFT scene,
b) essence of the DAOrecords and DAO itself,
c) what artist needs to do before submitting music,
d) how releasing process looks like,
e) opportunities,
f) events being organized by DAOrecords,
g) information about DAOrecords community, NxM, NEAR, Mintbase/Createbase.

Such documentation would make onboarding process easier, especially for people that are not familiar with crypto space and they don’t know how or where to start.

Documentation will be available in two languages - Polish and English, therefore we want to request for funding of 75 NEAR, as such instruction/documentation requires some time to prepare.

The work has been started, we want to finish by the end of May or faster when everything will be ok.

My name: Paweł (Paul) / NEAR address: crans.near
Total Request: 75 NEAR


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Hey @Paul This looks great! I’m thinking that if we can look at this to be a part of the Onboarding DAO (check the Discord channel under DAOs) it would work great for NxM. I know that a few other people have been putting together some ideas around Onbaording material as well. As for DAOrecords specific stuff, let’s keep it separate from NxM for the time being. I got you guys covered for that via the DAOrecords DAO :slight_smile:


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