[Proposal] Discord Global Referral Reward is

Hello everyone!
After taking a good look at the NEAR GLOBAL channels of NEAR discord server, I have come up with a referral program which with the help of the dev team, create a special referral link for each language channel.

This will be done with the help of @jlwaugh also with the oversight of @Benz_Near .

Each referral will be tracked on a special channel created. For example

This is where the rewards system is going to come in. The person with the highest referral to any of the language channel wins the 1st prize and so on. The reward will only be for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

1st prize = 10N $NEAR
2nd prize = 8N $NEAR
3rd prize = 5N $NEAR


This will help the local communities engage and get in more people into their respective local communities and it will increase the knowledge of NEAR in such areas.


Igboze Iboh Israel



Awesome, let me know when the links are made to share this opportunity with the Hispanic Community (Spanish Language Community)
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Links will be shared in every language channel as the proposal gets approved.

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This is really great. It will help get more people to the discord community

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I like this. actually we already been discussing this with @Benz_Near
you will use another bot for this purpose i guess the Invite Tracker, let’s make sure It’s efficient and doesn’t conflict with others :clap:


it won’t conflict with others. @jlwaugh got that part covered.


@David_NEAR can you please take a look at this for consideration.

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We already have that invite tracker bot in the NEAR Discord. However, I don’t know if it is necessary. I put specific URLs for every language / geography in the description of each channel.

Let’s begin reporting which ones are used the most. I’m not sure if rewards help, although I’m willing to experiment. Hoping to avoid counterproductive gamification…

Thanks for taking the initiative to create this forum post! I’m excited to help further increase participation / engagement and improve quality of experience in our community there.


Having specific URLs for every language/geography in the description of each channel will be BETTER as it will help us know from where we have more engagement as a reason of the referral growth. This will further open NEAR community more on knowing where the growth as regarding native speakers is expanding.

For my stats so far, this are the most engaging native channelsIMG_20211122_151949
The HIGHLIGHTED ones are the most engaging FOR NOW.
However, it will also boost engagement in the others that are somewhat quiet for now.

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Hello @David_NEAR @KriptoRaptor @jlwaugh @Benz_Near @grace. Any words regarding this proposal?

I think it’s a good idea to frame it as a friendly competition, but I’m against using financial incentives to reward link-specific joining because click data is easily manipulated.

Maybe that’s not a dealbreaker! Happy to provide the 23 NEAR if others believe it’s necessary.

I’d like to take a step back and explore how to design a referral system for the NEAR Meetups initiative. Would you like to help?

Perhaps we can discuss in the thread below? I’m happy to continue collaborating here as well.

I would love to help. Taking a look at the post you made also.

It’s true links can be manipulated but this event I think could be made to last only for a few weeks.

@IgbozeIsrael I support this campaign.
I agree to @jlwaugh too
Maybe let them mint an NFT.
How about creating a collection to give away on such occasions for top monthly community contributors? @NearNft ?

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This is a great one. Since the manipulation of links is whatwe don’t want, a great idea this is.

The idea of NFTs give away to the active contributors sounds great!

Something where we can link points to complete a certain milestones in different segments of engagement and then the contributors can claim the NFT after showing the minimum points they have achieved.

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This is really great. It will help even those with little knowledge about NFT get to know more and become active by this. Looking forward to this.