[Proposal] Digital Art NFT Drop titled: Wagwan (June / July 2022)

Hello community​:raised_hand:t5:
Wagwan is a cartoon 2D animation series centered around the everyday life of a typical African youth from west African region “Nigeria”. It’s a comic relief as well a medium to give the rest of the world a glimpse of what’s it’s like, living in this part of the world portraying in details our adopted culture and beliefs. It has been in production for over a year now and is set for release soon. It’s currently still under production.

I currently need funding to finance the production of this project and I aim to raise funds through the creation of the Wagwan NFT collection exclusive to paras marketplace platforms.

The Wagwan collection is aimed at being a 250/250 NFT drop with a floor price of 1 Near which will also include 15 1/1 rare cards that will be coming along with unlockables to Wagwan merchs.

The creation of the digital arts will take a 8 weeks duration. The art works will be released in batches of 20 art works. Minting and marketing will begin on the end of the third week.

I am requesting the amount of $2,000


Motion graphics for social media- $300

Merchs production (15 unique picture frames with light features and Customized T-shirts for each of the unique art work including packaging and shipping) - $1000 ($50 per merch)

Post on popular NFT social media platforms (e.g Instagram’s Nft_news and more….) - $700



Hey there, thank you so much for the proposal. This project seems very creative, although I am not sure how it supports the marmaj community.


Hey @Hawwal

I also think it looks pretty cool. What do you need from mintbase here exactly?

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hey @marianeu thanks for your audience. What I need currently is funding, and I will also need help with minting and probably some shout-out on mintbase social platforms. Here’s what I have in mind for @Mintbase
When episodes of this cartoon will be put out everywhere. Mintbase will be recognized as our major patrons. And in the long run when our community of viewers grow, all our NFTs I intend releasing in the season 2 and season 3 will all be exclusive to the mintbase platform on Near protocol.
The animation industry in west Africa is fast rising and I look forward to presenting this animation series in animation festivals.

Here is my NFT collection I have currently minted in paras.

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Hey @Hawwal ,

$700 for posting on social media platforms seems very excessive to me. Where would the funding be spent in relation to the posting?

$50 per piece for merch also seems excessive to me and lacks details for the section of the cost breakdown.

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@ted.iv Thanks for the feedback, would answer your questions accordingly.

  1. I will be breaking this down further.
  • An NFT landing page for this collection will be designed and hosted which will cost - $200
    Fiverr reference

  • Graphics of the collection for posting (both on the landing page and social media) - $100

  • We intend to run Twitter ads for this that would lead people to the landing page - $100

  • This project will be posted on several NFT blogs with an active following namely: NFT_club
    this will cost- $300.
    it is this cost because I am going to be maximizing every cost I can to get the desired results. I want these NFTs to sell and promotion plays a huge role in that. there are more expensive options like NFTU.io who charge way more but I believe with this amount, I should be able to reach the desired collectors and bring them to purchase Near NFTs.

  1. I intend to create quality mercs for each special NFT which pictures will be taken for uploads to our page, an example of these kinds of incentives is similar to one rhymezlikedimez posted up on his page for sale https://www.instagram.com/p/Cb70tPZoCe4/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
    but I will be making picture frames as well as quality T-Shirts that will be shipped to whoever purchases one of these special 15 [1/1] NFT’s.

Thanks @creativesdao-council