[PROPOSAL] Developing NFTBoxes development is a unique service for crypto marketplace and investors



NFTboxes marketplace - is a unique service that is provided on our own marketplace where you can create, craft, store, buy and sell NFTs, Lootboxes and SuperLootBox from various projects. It is developed for games and individuals, for the project’s own marketing purposes as a part of partnerships, alliances or promotions.

Our mission is to provide every person, community or project equal opportunity to easily use the NFT platform for their various purposes built on NEAR Blockchain.

The incredible surge in the growth of digital art is the most interesting trend in recent times. The popularity of NFT is growing not only among collectors, but also among investors, projects, gamers and traders.

NFT brings creators millions of dollars and gives buyers the right to a “piece of the Internet Art”. Tokens, Pictures, music, videos, GIFs and even posts in social networks can now be bought on marketplaces in such Boxes. It is another trend and a new exciting fun.

Our goal is to provide the best service in the NFT sphere and attract a wide range of investors for their projects development.


We are looking for new ways to promote tokens and creativity. New kind of airdrop is needed with a small commission. Most of the NFTBoxes that are present on the market are boxes that were created by a concrete project as its own product. So it is not for everyone.


You can sell your tokens in a new way in the form of boxes.

Lootboxes and SuperLootBox is another way of a trend. The author makes his tokens, puts his tokens into loot boxes. Users in explorer find boxes and collect gifts.

It has an element of surprise and additional fun. Overcoming the psychological barrier before buying a lootbox is easier than buying a specific item for a lot of money. The logic is simple: it is better to get a chance to drop a valuable item for just $ 2 than the item itself worth $ 20. It is the low price of the lootbox, along with the chance to purchase a more valuable item, that stimulates the buyer.

The difference between our NFTboxes is that:

  1. Projects and individuals do not need to spend money on developers, create their own sites with algorithms, and so on. They can come to the NFTBoxes marketplace and immediately create their own NFT and LootBox and link their community to the mint of their boxes, present it or sell on the marketplace.

That allows to:

  • save time
  • save money
  • be more flexible in marketing aspects.
  1. Our service will have SuperLootBoxes - these are the boxes which, when minted, allow users to get 3 to 5 tokens from different projects. All projects will be moderated, so these boxes will have a special value. Users who mint such lootboxes become holders in various projects at once and also get a liquid volume of tokens.

There can be up to 100 different projects in a SuperLootBox, which means there can be up to 100 different tokens.

Idea of Sponsor collaboration and attraction of new and new project is to give more value for lower price and involve more users and earn more together rather than individually. Furthermore NEAR blockchain gains more followers.

We believe that NFTBoxes is gaining popularity and is in high demand so it will attract a great audience.

For the end user the cost of unpacking NFTBox or Lootbox is minimal - he only pays the commission approximately 2$ for using a service and commissions are to be taken in NEAR token to promote the project.

The value of NFTBox greatly exceeds the commission, so the service is in huge demand and we see great opportunities here.

NFTboxes Marketplace capabilities

  • Create own NFTs

  • Create NFT lootboxes

  • Craft multiple NFTs and tokens into one NFT

  • Give away NFT / Lootboxes / SuperLootBoxes

  • Find lootboxes from the pool

  • Unpack and unbox them

  • Store

  • Sell

  • Use NFTs and tokens in games

  • Sell NFTs and tokens on the Marketplace

Features of a platform and planned contracts

We use the NEAR protocol even though contracts may be written on different blockchains, because Near Protocol with erc721 erc1155 erc20 token standards is hundreds of times more productive than Ethereum, and transactions cost less than a cent, making it a more suitable platform to issue and sell NFTs.

We have designed a system of contracts that will be written in NEAR

  • creation of the NFT
  • transferring the NFT to Marketplace
  • purchase of NFT
  • changing the price of the NFT
  • creation of the lootbox
  • unpacking the lootbox
  • applying for moderation of the lootbox. In order to get approval all sponsors have to prove that the declared value of the lootbox is true. This is done to prevent cheating
  • applying for moving the lootbox to the top
  • applying for enlargement of the Lootbox into a SuperLootBox
  • admins contract to approve application
  • ability to get a list of created lootboxes or NFT by wallet address
  • contract for change of commission settings and system parameters

Main site options

  • create lootbox
  • create NFT
  • review lootbox
  • preview NFT
  • personal account
  • NFT marketplace
  • lootbox marketplace, where you can see: new, moderated, top and super boxes
  • moderation page
  • about project and help page

Description of service

Lootbox is a stack of the same NFT, which keeps a link to a list of tokens and NFT.

Creating a lootbox is transferring values from the user’s wallet to the contract, and getting a bunch of NFT tokens in return. Each token as a key can unpack the box and take a random gift from the list of values.

The procedure of creating a lootbox looks like this: the user selects his tokens and NFT on the site, specifies their transferable amount, specifies the count of drops and clicks the “create” button - the contract is called, which takes the specified values to his address and generates NFT equal to the number of falls to the user’s wallet.

Such lootboxes are visible to all on the marketplace of lootboxes.

The selected lootbox can be unpacked. Unpacking a lootbox is the opposite procedure to creating one. The random gift is given to the user, and the lootbox is destroyed.

The created lootbox can be sent for moderation to increase the level of trust. Press the “send to moderation” button - a contract is called, which will take the commission and change the state of the lootbox to “submitted to moderation”.

In the moderation window you can see requests to change the state of the lootbox. The moderator can approve, reject and write a comment.

Promoted lootbox can be sent to the top or to the SuperLootBox, this is also done by changing the state of a lootbox and confirmation through moderation.

Getting into the SuperLootBox transfers values to the main pool.

SuperLootBox is a lootbox, which is combined from different lootboxes (sharebox).

Users on the lootbox marketplace see one large SuperLootBox. When unpacking a random gift is selected from many different lootboxes.

Benefits of NFTBoxes marketplace for projects

NFTBoxes marketplace brings investors multiple benefits and users the right to a valuable digital “piece of the Art” for symbolic fee. It allows various projects to use the latest cryptoworld technologies to develop their projects and be in trend.

NFT&LootBoxes may be also used in bounty and airdrop campaigns, GameFi and other marketplaces. Other benefits for projects:

  • identity
  • new holders
  • promotion
  • coverage
  • audience engagement and exchange
  • partnership and collaborations with alike projects
  • newest hype
  • new way to promote NFT and tokens
  • strong reputation

Benefits for NEAR ecosystem

As for the NEAR ecosystem, it might become a convenient way to explore the crypto world for big masses of new audiences who would be ready to try to create their own NFT or mint the gifted ones.

Also when commissions are paid in NEAR Token users will generate new transactions on NEAR blockchain, increasing the whole ecosystem growth.

MVP development roadmap:

  • The service’s MVP solution should be developed during January-February 2022. It will include a set of functions and interfaces based on web technologies.
  • Smart - Contract on NEAR blockchain should be written within the same time - January-February 2022.
  • After the development of the NFT platform module, there will be a test for the platform’s interaction with smart contracts through the web interface and blockchain. February 2022
  • Technologies are selected / The frontend is implemented as a site on react 17.0.2, a backend on C# asp.net core 3.1, the site calls contracts for the user through Metamask, and receives data from networks through the backend.
  • The launch of NFTBoxes marketplace on NEAR blockchain is planned on March 2022.


Alex White - Serial entrepreneur, passionate about his business, ambitious leader. Successfully founded more than 10 companies with total revenues of more than $25 million. https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-white-828b08225/

Aleksandr Litvinov - CTO, product, customer development, software engineering

Nikita Tepelin - Professional Blockchain developer

Alex Zarya - Product VP

Ammy Heart - SEO digital marketing

Adriana White - Advisor, Founder of MetaFlow digital - 10 years of experience in Internet marketing

Artur Jamaev - C# programmer

Iskander Karimov - frontend developer

Vadim Anikin - design, art

Danik Zagitov - system architecture


Total hours allocated: 7,500 - 8,500 hours

Total cost: $400K - $450K

The project is currently under development with phased launches.

Total ASK: 10000 NEAR

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Awesome detailed proposal and neat idea!

The value requested is far beyond any of the budgets which the DAOs and funding verticals here can distribute, though.

I’d recommend checking out the NEAR Grants programme if you haven’t done so already:

Good afternoon, how can I apply for a grant?

Hey, the steps for applying for a grant are here:

Hi, thanks for responding. Actually, we forgot to specify our current need. We need a lot less NEAR token, as we have the MVP of the project already in readiness at a late stage. Let’s call each other and discuss the details.

Hi, I hope your call went well!
I’m a DAO member from human guild and have a couple of questions about the project:
1_ the name is dangerously similar along with the concept itself to this project.
How do you plan to relate with your twin, which is actually quite famous in the mainstream NFT world (given that the main investor is Pranksy)?
2_ I would like to understand more properly what you guys mean by !applying for moderation of the lootbox. In order to get approval all sponsors have to prove that the declared value of the lootbox is true. This is done to prevent cheating".
We already have public data sources for NFT value on the Near blockchain, I think that transparency is essential in this case to make sure the moderation process is managed correctly towards potential collaborators.
Would you please elaborate the way you intend to select the collaborators? which would be the requirement? How do this requirements align with your vision?
3_ (and this is a personal question), Do you guys have a vision to build your project upon?

Please take your time to answer and feel free to reapply in the DAO once you think you answered this questions.