[CLOSED] Rebranding & Redesigning ''NearNFT.io''

Project Name: NearNFT.io

Funding: Monthly

NearNFT.io was launched on 25 January 2022. It was the first NFT Mint Calendar on Near. Upcoming NFT projects were listed up with all their details on NearNFT.io for FREE. And each of them were highlighted due to https://twitter.com/NearNFTio . In only 3 months 85 Near NFT Projects were listed up on NearNFT.io and we collaborated with +50 projects, especially with TenkDAO, Near NFT Club, Paras.id etc. to contribute the whole NEAR ecosystem.

(some examples)

  • Twitter stats - first 3 months (with only 1k organic followers)

And one of the proofs that Near, NearNFTs and NearNFT.io were globally trends was that we had in 3 months approximately 5k unique visitors from 110 countries around the world with an average engagement time of 1m 35s from 84k transactions before we stopped the hard work on the project.

I was running NearNFT.io on my own and started on that my own NFT collection Syko Near Bears Squad. So, I funded NearNFT.io with the gains from Syko Near Bears Squad. On March, I started the first NFT Lottery Project on Near and distributed approximately 1000$ to the winners, which I funded with the royalty fees from Syko Near Bears Squad, with the support of my team members at SNBS and on my own. After that we switched to reward the Lottery winners with top Near NFTs (10), with the value of approximately 1000$. But after May I couldn’t fund the project and couldn’t find any support.

Links to the projects:
Near NFT Lottery

In the meanwhile, I got some health problems. And couldn’t look after all these projects very well. With that my exams started and I had to work hard for my MA. After that the markets went down and I was one of the Luna Veterans too. So I had to work a lot of in real life jobs. In a nutshell, I wasn’t active for two months, but I’m back. And I’ve overseen in the meanwhile that a lot of cool Near NFT tools have been launched. Which most of them are running Mint Calendars or highlighting upcoming drops. That means for me that this problem has solved and that there is no need anymore for a specific Near NFT Mint Calendar like my project. So, I’ve built up a small team (3) and we started to researching what the Near NFT ecosystem needs. And we looked up at the gaps which we can fill. After 2 weeks of a research, we decided to create a platform to contribute the whole Near and Near NFTs ecosystem through creative multimedia contents.

Rebranding & Redesigning NearNFT.io:
Now, we are going to start creating a new Website like https://nftnow.com/ , https://cryptonews.com/ , https://nftnewspro.com/ etc. but it will be something like between a news & blog website about NFTs. The main subjects will be about the whole Near Ecosystem and Near NFTs, but for gaining more transaction and onboarding new users to Near, there will be some popular news about the whole crypto ecosystem and NFTs from other chains too. Daily news about NFTs will be the main content plan, but our aim is to add daily/weekly news/blog writers from the Near Ecosystem too. Giving columns to DAOs, Guilds, Projects and Influencers/Degens where they can write their thoughts and share analyses about Near Protocol and Near NFTs. The second function of NearNFT.io will be highlighting weekly upcoming mints with all their details to support new NFT projects this way. In a nutshell, our aim is to create a website where people can find everything about Near NFTs and all around them with the latest news and highlights.

Creative Multimedia Contents around NearNFT.io:

When I was very active and had the liquidity to fund some creative contents, I started the YouTube channel for NearNFT.io for introducing the Near Ecosystem and Near NFTs. But I could only come up with one video before I went passive.

‘’ How to create a NEAR wallet | NearNFT.io ’’ - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQxrYIw6j30

This was the first video. But now, we are planning to improve this channel for onboarding new users to Near and Near NFTs. Our plan is to create creative video contents for two main subjects: The Near Ecosystem & Near NFTs. And this will be in two ways: Reviewing basics of the Near Ecosystem like the video above and creating creative explainer animations like white board animations etc.
We are going to start with a new Near Wallet video, because of the new changes and speculations around it. Therefore the next video will be about Near.org and all the opportunities about Near Protocol. Next to this we will start a video series about NFTs for non-web3 users in basic style to introduce them the hinterland. According to that the next stage will be about Dapps and NFT projects on Near.

The main aim at the start of these creative video contents will be creating the basics of Near where everyone in the ecosystem can use and share it all around the world for onboarding new users. Because of this, the first stage contents will be easy and smart, so that everyone can easily understand them.

The focus will be more on the Near NFT Ecosystem due to creating daily infographics about the statistics. And the main goal will be highlighting daily one NFT project via an infographic to support all Near NFT Projects. We’re open to discuss how to select these projects. The next function will be creating infographics about upcoming launches. With this every new NFT project on Near will be highlighted with an infographic before their launch via Twitter.

Creatives DAO & NearNFT.io

The main goal of NearNFT.io is to contribute for the mass adoption of Near through creative multimedia contents. And according to this, Creatives DAO is very important for us. We want to collaborate in all ways with Guilds/DAOs. With NearNFT.io we are aiming to showcase all creative contents from Guilds/DAOs with a greater audience. And with the support of the Creatives DAO, NearNFT.io will increase its interactions for contributing the Near ecosystem.

We’re expecting to reach in one month: (while Rebranding&Redesigning)
-2,5k followers on Twitter
-50k Tweet impressions
-1k unique website visitors

Funding Requests:

Rebranding & Redesigning NearNFT.io (Website) – $1,000 - (one-time)

4+ Videos (2x Reviews up to 4-5mins + 2x Explainer Animations up to 60s) – $500

60+ Infographics (30 NFT Ecosystem + 30 NFT Projects) – $600

2 Giveaways (Via Twitter 2x $50) – $100

Management – $350

Total: $2,550

NEAR Wallet ID : nearnftio.near

NearNFT.io - SYKO


Hey @NearNFT.io_SYKO, great proposal, and project. Please tag Marketing Council in your proposal, so they get notified and assigned to your proposal.

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Hio’ @Kemal ! Thanks for your support !

Great proposal! Really bullish and fan of work you’ve done with Syko Bears and NEARNFT.io :smiley: looking forward for what’s to come! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Isn’t this a proposal for Creatives DAO so would be appropriate tagging @creativesdao-council :saluting_face::melting_face::neutral_face:

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Sorry I am confused, which parts are for marketing and creatives?

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Thanks a lot @Kv9990 Happy to see your support :pray: We are working hard right now on both but NearNFT.io will be a gamechanger again ! :sunglasses: :muscle:

Sorry for the trouble. The whole proposal is for Creatives. I would love to see your support!

I am not sure, but you could be right. At least we have both mentioned now :slight_smile:


But even though it has to do with designing, it is still a marketing initiative, so I still think Marketing DAO would be in charge of this proposal.

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I’d not feel comfortable approving this proposal.

It looks like a one-man project, where your activities are not focused on the community and supporting artists. Moreover, you don’t have an established DAO or community members that belong to your DAO.

This is what @near.insider is doing with infographics posts, they have a good and established team.

We have plenty of tutorials like this within Creatives made by community (IncubadoraDAO or Marma J DAO for example).

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@Paul thanks for your response.

I guess there is a misunderstanding, I said that I was an one-man project but I’m building up a team right now. And everyone who knows NearNFT.io knows that all my activities since day one were focused on the community and supporting artists and projects.
And you are right, I haven’t got an established DAO. A friend, who has more experience than me here on NEAR FORUM, told me that a project which contributes the NEAR ecosystem with creative contents can prepare a proposal for the Creatives DAO. And I would love to be a part of the Creatives DAO, because of this I’ve prepared this proposal. But I guess my proposal is not at the right place.

Yes, I know they are doing a great job. But my focus will be on the Near NFT Ecosystem and highlighting Near NFT projects, which is not the same as what they are doing.

I’m following most of these communities and they are doing a great job too. But as above mentioned I’m trying to start something new. My goal is focusing more on NFTs and highlighting Near NFT projects and artists.

In a nutshell; my aim is to contribute to the whole Near Ecosystem by focusing on Near NFTs through creative multimedia contents. I’ve started to build up the website with my team. And I believe that the Rebranding & Redesigning of NearNFT.io will be an huge move for onboarding new users to NEAR. And I understood that I’m not at the right place for this funding proposal.

‘‘Thank you for your attention’’

This is my first proposal on NEAR FORUM. And I haven’t got great experiences here. I’ve checked up all the rules etc. and I guess you are right. Should I create the same proposal for the Marketing DAO? How should I proceed?

Thanks for your huge support @Kemal

Hey @NearNFT.io_SYKO, yes, please create a new proposal and tag the Marketing DAO since your initiative is related to marketing. Good luck!

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Thanks again @Kemal ! Did it right now :pray:

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