[PROPOSAL] Dandelions and Honeybees, Web3 Navigation Tool, March 2022

[PROPOSAL] Dandelions and Honeybees, Web3 Navigation Tool, March 2022

Contact: dandelionsandhoneybees@protonmail.com

Council Members: dandelionsandhoneybees.near
(We currently are a council of one; two people have confirmed that they will onboard by April)

Target Address: dandelions-and-honeybees.sputnik-dao.near

Current Balance: (NEAR): 5 N

Funding Period: March 2022, monthly

Requested Amount: $400 USD in NEAR

$300 - Digitally document onboarding process

  • Create onboarding documentation template for future DAO members;
  • Begin designing Web3 Navigation Tool in collab with Primordia DAO and others

$100 - Learning Stipend (to proficiently perform council work and navigate NEAR ecosystem)


By 4/2022

  • Have digital documentation of my onboarding process/experience/feedback
  • Have created onboarding documentation template
  • Have an iteration of Web3 Navigation Tool ready to workshop

An important goal of our project is to inspire collabs with ecoactivists and introduce them to the NEAR Ecosystem/web3, demonstrate web3’s potential as an effective platform to teach sustainability and provide potential funding sources for community projects. Many people are either unfamiliar with or wary of web3 AND once they start exploring, may become quickly overwhelmed by the tasks involved in onboarding and navigating the ecosystems. This is where the Web3 Navigation Tool comes into play.

One of our strengths is developing systems, and we would like to significantly contribute to streamlining the onboarding process for newcomers. We are still very new to NEAR/web3 ourselves and are documenting our journey, so that we can anticipate how best to support newcomers. Our goal is to generate a Creatives-friendly web3 navigation tool in collaboration with Primordia DAO, EXEDAO and other members of the NEAR community. We envision a customizable roadmap of the ecosystem and “itinerary” to support onboarders with navigating the many forums, groups, communities, affiliated apps, etc easily adapted to the goals of our new members.

We are requesting the learning stipend, so that we can commit significant time to developing a strong working understanding of the NEAR ecosystem and protocols so that we can efficiently onboard people and provide mentorship as needed.

Our goal is to have the first iteration of the learning tool ready to workshop within one month’s time and then present it on a wider community within a couple months. We are excited to collaborate with Primordia DAO and EXEDAO who are mentoring us through this process.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! We love feedback and constructive opinions!

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