[PROPOSAL] Dandelions and Honeybees DAO, “The Future is NEAR” Info Sessions Funding Request, April 2022

[PROPOSAL] Dandelions and Honeybees DAO, “The Future is NEAR” Info Sessions Funding Request, April 2022

Contact: dandelionsandhoneybees@protonmail.com
Council Members: dandelionsandhoneybees.near, mosiahb.near, plut0.near
Target Address: dandelions-and-honeybees.sputnik-dao.near
Current Balance: (NEAR): 5 N
Funding Period: April 2022
Requested Amount: $600 USD in NEAR
March Report: Dandelions and Honeybees DAO March Report

Greetings Creatives DAO,

Here is one of the new projects that we will be working on in April. Please, review our March Report (linked above) to check our progress to date:

The Future is NEAR Info/Onboarding Sessions

This month Dandelions and Honeybees DAO is launching a new project to host monthly in person info sessions to introduce mainstream users to NEAR, with the goal of onboarding new members. Participants will be invited to sign up for upcoming one-on-one or small group onboarding sessions, which will be conducted virtually. Starting in May, onboarded users will be invited to bi-monthly DAO onboarding sessions.

Budget: $600
$200 2 organizers/facilitators @ $100 for in person info session (10 attendees)
$200 popup space rental
$200 2 virtual info sessions @ $50 for each facilitator (2 facilitators) per session

April Timeline:

  • We have 20 conversations scheduled with people who want to learn about NEAR, several of them have substantial followings in the music and artist communities
  • First in person monthly “The Future is NEAR” info session to be hosted at Grandeur restaurant in Oakland, California on May 3, 2022
  • Organize and host bi-monthly virtual “The Future is NEAR” info sessions
  • Organize and host bi-monthly small group onboarding sessions
  • One-on-one support for onboarding and DAO creation
  • We are in conversation with NEAR Hub to host our virtual office hours for onboarded members

Thank you!

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