"Web3 Projects on Near" Youtube video series (November, December, & January 2022)


Funding scheme: Bi-monthly
Category: Content → Video → Review, Educational(Overview).

Hello, community,

This is a proposal for a youtube series targeted toward discussing projects on Near giving a detailed analysis of their purpose, guides, and forecasts.
In recent months, going through youtube, TikTok, Twitter, and other platforms more web3 focused, I realized that 80% - 90% of most videos, and reviews, centered around Near protocol all talk about Near’s tokenomics, comparison videos with other blockchains, etc. Only 10% - 2% talk about projects in Near which includes tutorials.

My solution to this is to create a youtube series of videos targeted at discussing the projects on Near and their purposes, UI perception, and in-depth analysis as to how these Dapps, apps, and projects in Near are impacting or will impact our ecosystem and the world.

According to a report from Awesome near, there are currently 929 projects currently being built on Near and the most ones we interact with or know on a larger scale is only 1% of that to mention few: Mintbase, Astro Dao, Paras, Ref Finance, Sender wallet, etc.

These youtube series will really help in:

  • Exposing projects currently being built in Near.
  • Inspire more founders to build in Near.
  • Enlighten the community and viewers around the world about these web3 start-up projects.
  • Give people insight on what to expect from upcoming projects and how to interact with existing ones on-chain.


  • We intend to create a video every week and post every Friday on a weekly bases talking about a project on Near after thorough research on the project, checking out its comparisons and its uniqueness.
  • These videos will entail all the necessary details about these projects and will be designed in an interactive and interesting manner every viewer will enjoy watching.
  • Each video will not be longer than 10 minutes.
  • Our main source for topics to work on will be from Awesome Near
  • Videos will be posted on Blaqk stereo youtube channel and with shorter clips posted on twitter and TikTok

We currently have a youtube channel with 27 subscribers and currently 285 accumulated views.

Screenshot here:

In addition to that, I am a full-time filmmaker & Motion graphics artist, and I have been into motion graphics design for almost a decade. I have worked with a number of people here in Africa and in the US. Here’s a link to some of my work attached in this google drive folder.

Would be working alongside a professional team that will deliver excellence.

Metrics / KPI’s:

  • Delivery and upload of videos on a weekly bases.
  • Discussing at least 8 projects on Near within 2 months.
  • Channel growth to a minimum of 200+ subscribers with accumulated views of 1,000+.
  • On-time monthly reports.


  • Successful creation of a video series touching all of Near’s projects.
  • Exposing of Near Dapps on a global scale.

Depending on the time this proposal is approved and funding is received.

Description Date year
video 1 First week of December 2022
video 2 Second week of December :heavy_check_mark:
video 3 Third week of December :heavy_check_mark:
report Third week of December :heavy_check_mark:
video 4 Second week of January 2023
video 5 Third week of January :heavy_check_mark:
video 6 Fourth week of January :heavy_check_mark:
report Fourth week of January :heavy_check_mark:
video 7 First week of February :heavy_check_mark:
video 8 Second week of February :heavy_check_mark:

Below is the list of things needed with price rates for the production of the videos:
| — | — | — |
|Sony A7iv mirrorless camera store|2,498|
|50mm lens store|248|
|Tripod store|36|
|Sound equipment for audio| :heavy_check_mark: |
|Aputure 300D ii video light store|949|
|Aputure softbox store|219|
|research team & writer weekly for 2 people $50 each ($100)|(x8 weeks) = 800|
|Production gaffer 1 person ($50)|(x8 weeks) = 400
| Post-production weekly ($250) |(x8 weeks) = 2,000|
|Audio editing weekly ($80)|(x8 weeks) = 640|
|Internet monthly ($30)|(x2 months) = 60|
P.S: The equipment purchased will be used for subsequent productions of these contents in the coming months.

Requested payout: $7,850 USD in USN

wallet: hawwal.near


cc: @marketingdao-council @Dacha


Creative I must say.


This sounds great, but shouldn’t there be some engagement with the projects’ themselves? If I read this like a SOW, your scope is to find information online and then put it into a video to be used as a media asset.

To be frank, your proposal looks like it will have great production quality, but will it have worthwhile information that the project wants to share? I’d like to see a small framework of how you will [attempt to] engage with projects/founders in order to highlight their work. Redressing their social media content and whitepaper/decks is not worthwhile for such great production quality.


Hello, thanks for your brilliant feedback on this project.
Let me share a sample of the quality of videos we intend achieving:

We intend producing quality content, rich in details not forgetting ‘catchy’ to not bore viewers.
Yes, I don’t intend just glancing through websites or decks telling what we just read there, we will be doing intensive research and yes we will reach out to some of these founders before hand to ensure we get all the necessary information before advancing to production.
P.S Our aim is to interact with these projects and give honest reviews which will:

  • Give viewers a scope to these projects and what to expect.
  • Give founders and creators strategic reviews or a new scope as to how they could improve their projects or products.



This project u about to start with, its very promising


Thanks so much, I appreciate. :pray:

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This sounds impressive and well detailed
Looking forward to seeing this come to fruition

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Hi! I think funding content creation is excellent but getting the gear paid for is not a good use of money.

I’ve been around filmmaking and I run a content video department for a web2 tech company. It’s actually really rare that a filmmaker/content creator wouldn’t already have the basic gear to make youtube videos.

If the Marketing DAO wants to purchase the gear, you could start with less expensive gear. And as your videos grow in popularity you could upgrade your gear at a later time.


Hello @jarednotjerry thanks for your thoughtful input.

I have headed 2 production studios, one in a web2 digital marketing agency where I directed commercials that featured some of Africa’s biggest singers and also headed one in an international TV station here in Africa, my request actually come from a place of experience. The real sense behind acquiring this equipments is actually to save a lot of costs as I have done several filming projects here in the past and each and every time, gadgets had to be rented to film either it be documentaries or events. The cost to produce one of these videos would at minimum cost $300 - $450 Now imagine having to produce 50 or more videos at that rate (with the possibility of increased cost of production). That would be a lot of money wasted when these equipments can be purchased and used for a lot more at a minimum rate with an increased production speed.

Also, I am more into the postproduction side of things, I have gear entering thousands of dollars, I do 2D animation, Vfx, 3D and video editing and I have been doing these for years. I have experience in cinematography and directing but my main focus area is post.
I absolutely have my complete gear with an awesome studio as well.

So as a filmmaker that you are, I believe you are aware that our filmmaking is vast and cuts across so many sectors. In regards these project everything requested are things in the cinematography side of things and if you‘re familiar with cameras, you’d know the Sony a 7iv is way cheaper compared to the Canon R5 which delivers higher quality, but my focus is on delivery of quality that is cost effect.


I think this initiative is a great idea, and I hope those who can support it give it some thought. Good luck, dude.


Thanks :blush: , I really appreciate the support :pray:t5:


Hello, @marketingdao-council I know you’ll must have had a lot of work to do this period with restructuring and the massive inflow of proposals, just dropping a reminder about this proposal, I have also filled the application form aswell. Thanks and looking forward to your response.

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Hi @Hawwal
Thanks for the transparency and detail in your proposal.

You’re requesting a brand new camera (Sony A7 III), lens, tripod, light kit, and salaries for multiple people.

We haven’t supported that type of expenditure in the past. Given the current market conditions, it would be hard to do that now.

It appears based on the youtube channel that you linked in your proposal that you already have a working camera. I cannot support this type of work at this time.

Best of luck with your efforts. Consider trying to build up traction on your youtube, twitter, and tiktok channel for while, happy to review an application down the road once you’ve gotten further along.


Hello @Klint thanks for the feedback, I highly appreciate. The contents on our YouTube page were shot with rented cameras and two with mobile phones. I currently do not have a camera that’s why I requested for one so as to build this channel with quality contents. I would appreciate if you could advice further on this project if we could adjust the budget to probably what the marketing vertical could support.
This channel has a lot of growth potential as I believe one of major fundamentals to a channel growth is consistency in content delivery. As of the time of making this proposal, the channel had 27 subscribers with accumulated views of 285. As of today we have 30 subscribers with accumulated views of 390:

And that number will be going way higher by end of this week after we upload our new documentary which has been undergoing post for some weeks now.

Hi @Hawwal i have reviewed your proposal and your replies to comments from council.

I like your enthusiasm and have noted your past work but unfortunately i am unable to support at this time - in the current market conditions we have had to make some hard choices on which projects to allocate funding.

Please continue building your content on social platfroms and feel freel to submit a proposal in the future.

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Hi @cryptocredit I understand, thanks for the honest feedback I really do appreciate. :pray:t5:

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Thanks for your proposal and patience,

Marketing DAO has the ability to fund great content. However, we do have some constraints around budget (the amount of things we can fund) which forces us to assess which projects are the best quality, have the most traction, and are able to have highest positive impact on ecosystem.

I am unable to support this proposal for several reasons:

  • Too early. I wholeheartedly agree with the problem statement and assessment on how content could be used to address this. However, no videos have been created on the subject matter, meaning we don’t have any reference on quality of work or reception from community, etc.
  • As other community members have pointed out - the price point for the proposal is quite high with some unusual items such as equipment which we tend not to cover and one would expect are already accessible by a team that specialises in this type of content.

I would encourage the team to come up with a Minimum Viable Product, cheapest way to create a few videos and gain some traction. Can always come back with a new proposal. Any outstanding issues around what items we can fund or the appropriate price point can also be discussed then.


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