[PROPOSAL] Community Manager | DAOrecords | June 2022

DAO Name: DAOrecords
Position: Community Manager
Previous report: [REPORT] Community Manager | DAOrecords | May 2022
Proposal for the month and year: June 2022

DAOrecords Marketing Team
Vandal - Operations [Founder] @vandal
Masia One - Lead A&R @masiaone
Pawel Crans - Project Manager @Paul
Elena Marakova - Product Designer @lelen.maramar
Derrick Ong - Marketing @_Tech1
Sleezy Moss - Community @Sleezy_Moss


  • Curating the SoundSplash and AMA twitter space event reminders on Discord.

  • Creating GIF for the SounSplash event on Cryptovoxels to be posted as an after event thread post on twitter.

  • Will continue to work closely with Marketing & Project Managers @Paul & @_Tech1 on the Social Media Plans, Discord (Daily Quiz & Weekly SoundSplash Trivia), NearHUB’s Twitter Giveaway Contest & decideing on the winner for Sticker Pack Bounty; the dateline has been pushed forward to June the 14th after a brief discussion with the Marketing Team.

  • Boosting the Discord server for the month of June. $4.99.

  • The Daily Quiz will continue with new timer bot installed to the server in order for participants to answer the questions within the time limit. The 1st week of June will be a testing period since I will change the timing in terms of posting each question on 12 am Greenwich time (+0 UTC). Participant who managed to answer the question after the purposed time limit of 12 hours will be paid 1/2 of the 0.05N.

  • The SoundSplash Trivia for Discord will be resumed on June 8, 2022 at 10 am Malaysia time (+8 UTC).

  • I will also be working closely with @16mps.story on designing the SoundSplash theme headliners exclusive NFTs; for the month of May’s line-ups (Still and GIF versions) as the rewards for the Weekly SoundSplash Trivia on Discord and also to be sold on Mintbase. Sharat Kumar will receive 5N of commissions + 15% of royalty share. On the flipside, due to his demand and currency situation for 5N, he can only do 4 arts compared to 16 from what Ligaya did in May. I will co-operate with @_Tech1 to find the solution by adding our twist to the arts created.


Really looking forward to attend the Real Life & on-site SoundSplash events in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the June 8th & 15th, 2022 releases. Apart from that, the co-operation with Paul & Tech will continue to flourish, and I’m very hopeful that Sharat can deliver on the exclusive headliners NFTs as part of the rewards for the SoundSplash Weekly Trivia on Discord.

Expected hours to be contributed: 40 Hours