[REPORT] Discord SoundSplash Weekly Trivia | DAOrecords | Week 5 | June 2022

Discord SoundSplash Weekly Trivia (Week 5)
Here is the report for the SoundSplash Weekly Trivia from Week 5. The fifth trivia went live 12 hours before the actual SoundSplash event which was at 8.00 pm Malaysian time until 12.00 pm the next week of Tuesday; (June 8th - June 14th, 2022).

Trivia Questions & Answers
Week 5


2022-06-15 (1)

2022-06-15 (2)

Week 5 Winners
larrsfiaskid.near (4 correct answers)
chrisjulius.near (4 correct answers)
sebga.near (3 correct answers)
tech1.near (All questions answered correctly)

Winners will received an exclusive Headliner’s Artist NFTs (As shown in the examples below) which was created by @_Tech1 which will be minted and airdrop to the winners on DAOrecords Mintbase store. I did mentioned in my June’s Proposal that the NFT will be done by Sharat Kumar but due to failing to submit the arts on dateline which was on June 5th as we agreed, I’ve to go with our own graphic designer Tech whom happens to be our marketing manager as well as backup.

Also the payment for @_Tech1 commission for Week 5 has been sent.


Total requested funds: 1.25 N

cc :: Operations [Founder] @vandal

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