[PROPOSAL] Communication strategies for Writer's Guild (July)

Proponent: Alex Zani (@aandz)
Near Wallet: aandz.near
Project duration: 30 days


I am sending this proposal today because we are adapting to this new way of working and, in view of the first half payment for June happened on June 28, we are applying the proposal in July. So this proposal contains actions to August.


According to June Communication strategies for Writer’s Guild proposal, we pretend to apply the strategy elaborated according to the defined roadmap and start the community management actions, like a location members sourvey, and analyze July results.

_Application of content strategy
On this action, we are going to continue the strategy content adopted to writers guild on social media. You are going to see some posts with the follow topics:

  • Exhibition of completed projects;
  • Who? What? Where? When? (Writer’s Guild perspective)
  • How to take part? (Onboarding)
  • FAQ (Institutional)
  • Channel dissemination (Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Medium)
  • What is a bounty and how to participate;

Instagram: 02 posts per week on feed and 02 posts on Stories (in Portuguese and English)
Twitter: 02 posts per week (in Portuguese and English)

_Community management actions
We want to know where Writer’s Guild is. So we pretend to apply a survey to make a map and use that to align strategies and show to people where this guild lives.

Reach 100 organic followers on Instagram and 100 on Twitter;
Promote interaction between group members on telegram;
Mapping guild member cities.

Apply community strategy: 150 USD in DAI
Social networks management: 300 USD in DAI (150 USD for each platform)
Instagram and Twitter Ads: 50 USD in DAI

Collect and analyze first social media results;
Validate the adopted strategy;
To continue the community management actions.

The communication crew still the same as first proposal:

_Com.Tato Agency and Alex Zani

Com.Tato is a brazilian communication agency that believes in an authentic, humanized and accessible communication model for all audiences. Our goal is to promote real connections and experiences, engaging the audience through content.

Alex Zani is editor-in-chief of Fazia Poesia (the biggest brazilian poetry Medium’s publication), a project that starts in 2016 and now has more than 230 poets, with 25,000 monthly hits, and editorial producer at NADA Studio Criativo, where is responsable for independent books publication. He organizes poetry workshops, is co-host at Falando em Poesia, Fazia Poesia’s podcast and, of course, he’s also a poet in his spare time.

Feel free to ask if you have any doubts.

Hope you enjoy our work!

Best regards,



Project name: Communication strategies for Writer’s Guild (AUGUST)

Project Status: Finished

Project Accounting:

First, I would like to make the delay of this report evident, since we messed up the dates and we already have an idea of alignment.

Brief explanation for the alignment of dates and proposals: the first proposal was made on June 6, but the payment was made only at the end of June, so the June proposal took place during the month of July. On July 5, I made another proposal, to contemplate the activities of the month of August. Therefore, I didn’t make a request in August, but im going to make a new one at the beginning of September, contemplating the actions of September, to align proposals and payments.

Accordingly, below is some brief information on what we have achieved so far.


We are increasingly identifying the identity of the Writers Guild, as you can see on social media. We are also paying more attention to direct messaging and building a relationship with our close partners from other Creative DAOs.

In the coming weeks, you may notice some posts that feed the partnership community, where we will be sharing some guilds and DAOs projects with artists in common, in addition to the internal dissemination of the projects we produce and support with our artists.

Check for some social media data from August 6th


6 publications
23 new organic followers (20.7% increase)
Number of followers: 134
Audience profile: 53.4% women | 46.5% men
Age group: 25 to 34 years (41.8%) | 35 to 44 years (38.7%)
Location: São Paulo/Brazil (24.8%) | Botucatu/Brazil (13.1%) | Lagos/Nigeria (6.2%) | Rio de Janeiro/Brazil (5.4%) | Curitiba/Brazil (3.8%)
Periods of greater activity (by schedule): 12:00 | 3pm | 9 am





Updated Project Timeline: For September, we are thinking of adopting three posts a week, once we have the work understood and everything works in a more organic way.

We are going to start to promote some post, so if you have some suggestion about that, let us know on this topic below.

Resources: I will request soon the payment for August works.

Feel free to ask if you have any doubts or there’s something unclear!

Thank you!