[PROPOSAL] COLOR AND NEAR, NFT Project promotes the Near ecosystem on MINTBASE and PARAS

Project name : COLOR AND NEAR.

Project benefits : To promote the Near ecosystem to more people through the world of NFT, a creative world without borders. Bringing a new perspective to the community about the Near ecosystem.

Project members :

  • VU TUAN HUNG (trendheo.near).
  • Local artist.

Some works implemented :

Timeline : Monthly.

Budget : 150 NEAR/Month.


Thank you!


Please give me your opinion, thanks!!!
@chloe @lenara @MoniBlockdiver @caromintbase

hi @TRENDHEO my assessment is that promoting the NEAR logo in artworks in not necessarily one of the goals of this guild.

We are looking though for artists to create badges for Createbase. The last badge was created by Renderedflesh, you can take a look to have an idea of what we are looking for:

Basically, we are looking for high quality original art, we prefer no clip art.

The high resolution Createbase logo is available for download here:

Badge artists receive 50% of forever royalties, we will distribute most badges to community members, put some for sale, and give some to the artist who created them to sell themselves and receive full revenue on those. Minting of badges is subject to approval by Createbase.

(we will likely publish this as an official bounty next week)

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Thank you, I am very concerned about this!!!