[Approved] MINTBASE WORKSHOP OCTOBER Basic Introduction to Near Ecosystem

Proponent: Alexandre Macieira

Searching for more support from Mintbase we got to our 3rd group of meetings and in this edition with the name WORKSHOP MINTBASE - Basic Introduction to the Near Ecosystem. More details of how were the previous editions can be seen in the links:

We intend to continue our work. We are already with a new class closed to start on 15 October 2022. Here is our proposal and once again we thank Mintbase and 3XRSpace for making available such an important tool for the final result of our meetings.


Given the interest of artists to know the Near ecosystem and learn about NFT, the goal is to hold meetings through MintbaseDAO to share experiences lived, presenting how to integrate the Near ecosystem and the numerous functionalities and performance.

To this end, 3 (three) meetings will be held for a group of 8 (eight) artists interested in understanding about blockchain technology, once a week, with approximately 1 hour duration each, and can be extended for another 30 minutes.

In each meeting, the experience within the platform will be shared, with explanations about the issues surrounding the minting of art on blockchain and the possibility of selling and buying NFTs, with the concretization of a collective exhibition at the end of the meetings.


In this third edition we sought support from marketplace Mintbase through MintbaseDAO for onboarding the 8 new artists.
This is our third class and once again 8 vacancies will be available for onboarding of interested artists, which will take place in the second week of October 2022, requiring for Mintbase the investment of 12 (twelve) Near, representing 1,5 Near for each artist, so that they can coin at least one artwork of their own, as well as the purchase of at least one NFT of their interest.
Here the link to know how was the result of the boarding of the 1st and 2nd class

The counterpart of this investment is to introduce Mintbase-NEAR to new artists, in addition to promoting the marketplace. As far as the interest of the artists, will be explained the procedure for opening their respective NEAR portfolios and to integrate the MintbaseSunday shop for minting the works.

To realize the experience of each artist in the process of minting works of art and interaction in NFT transactions, the value of 1.5 NEAR for each artist is sufficient to mint at least one work of art (0.5 Near) and the purchase of an NFT of their interest in the value of 1 NEAR, promoting the experience of how the ecosystem works.


Meetings will be held once a week and will be approximately one hour long, and can be extended for an additional 30 minutes if the need arises.

Meeting 1

Presentation of Near

Presentation of Mintbase
Explanation about the procedure to open a wallet for each artist to manage the resource provided by the marketplace Mintbase, to mint authorial artwork and acquire at least one NFT.

Guidance for creating an artist profile on Mintbase.

During the week, each artist will create their profile, according to the experiences exchanged during the meeting. The proponent will be available for questions and necessary orientations.

Meeting 2

Presentation of the Near Forum

Explanation about how to mint artwork in marketplace Mintbase, clarifying the information needed to fill out the minting form and, after this step, explain how to list artwork.

During the week, each artist will be guided on how to mint and list their art, as well as being able to buy art from a colleague. The proponent will be on hand for questions and necessary guidance.

Afterwards, the artist will send the art link to the organizer before the third meeting.

Meeting 3

Present to the group the list with the links to each participant’s artwork.

The list will be used as an organization reference of how the exhibition will be set up at 3XRSpace.

Presentation of the Exhibition Poster to the group and the Participants’ Poster (with the name of the participants). Both posters will be in Portuguese and English.

Presentation about 3XRSpace and the setting up of the Exhibition.


October 15 - Availability of the links with the amount of 0.5 NEAR sent by Mintbase to each artist, to start the experience of minting the first artwork, which will take place in the next stage.

15 to 22 October - Assist artists to mint 1 artwork in the MintbaseSunday shop for the amount of 1 NEAR with 3 copies, made available by the marketplace.

22 to 29 October - accomplished the previous step of minting 1 work of art in the shop for the price of 1 NEAR with 3 copies, provide the second link of 1 NEAR sent by the marketplace for each artist, to live the experience of buying an NFT in this value, starting its collection in Mintbase.


The shipping of 8 people on Mintbase: 12 NEAR (1,5 NEAR for each person, divided into 0,5 NEAR at the beginning and 1 NEAR after completing the minting task to be able to purchase an NFT).

In addition, I request the amount of 6.5 NEAR for opening the MintbaseSunday shop.

The total amount requested for the project is 18.5 NEAR.
If there are any unused funds, they will be returned to Mintbase.


Three to five hours of online meetings.
Four hours of research and assembly of course material.
Support to participants outside the learning hours.

Budget: 400 USD to be paid in NEAR cryptocurrency, credited to macieira.near wallet

Alexandre Macieira
Link Curriculo alexandremacieira | Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook | Linktree
Site http://alexandremacieira.com.br


Hi Alexandre,

Thank you for your proposal! We really appreciate all the work you do onboarding artists into the Mintbase ecosystem, but as we move towards becoming the infrastructure for other folks to build on top of, we’re less focused on the marketplace and more on our tools.

As we do recognise the value the artist community brings, we were thinking it could be interesting to use this workshop (and the mintbase sunday initiative) as a way to produce content that we can reuse for the next NFT artists being onboarded.

For example, step-by-step videos, FAQ documents, blog, etc. This would allow us to onboard more people quicker, without having to always explain & answer questions 1-1.

Curious to hear your thoughts!


Hi Regina, I really appreciate your comment. My experience and analysis of some shops is that there are people who enter Mintbase and by not having careful guidance do not complete information such as their profile picture, background image and data such as social networks to have a contact at least in their profile. And many of these people make a mint and never come back. What I am proposing is a healthy boarding, where the person can leave at the end of these meetings safe to participate in actions like MintbaseSunday and that they return to continue publishing their NFTs and get financial return from the sale.

Step by step videos, FAQ documents, blog, etc already exist and as the platform changes and we are constantly changing the ecosystem I see it as more efficient to onboard 8 people who can continue making their NFTs and that the work is completed successfully. The doubts are many for new artists and this accompaniment is very important because it generates confidence in the system and in Mintbase, the artist feels safe in this new universe and this is priceless.

I’m forming a new community, bringing artists who will continue acting in the ecosystem, participating in DAO events. This is a project I started writing in July and for me it’s very important that everyone I bring into the ecosystem feels confident that the time they’re spending here will pay off.

I understand Alexandre, but, although really nice and thorough, it is not sustainable to onboard these artists 1:1 long-term. This said, we’re happy to approve your proposal at this time, but do ask you to propose the production of content that can be reused for the community, be it blog posts, video tutorials, etc.

Tagging @marianeu for her thoughts


Hi everyone, thanks for tagging me @reginamintbase

I agree with regina. For 400 USD to be paid out for the onboarding of 8 people, it would be cool if there was the production of some educative material that can be re-used after.

Sure, the page changes, but basic information about mintbase, the forum, and all the things you mentioned above stay the same.

Can we agree on this? 400 dollars for the workshop and production of some educative re-usable material?
What would you be able to produce @macieira ?

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Hello @reginamintbase and @marianeu, sorry for the delay in answering, I haven’t been well the last few days, but I’m already better. Thank you for your messages and it’s ok, I will do as you suggested. I will prepare a sequence of publications about the step-by-step of each phase of the proposed meetings. All this material will be compiled in a PDF and published, making it available to the community.


Perfect, so I am happy to approve this one.

we need to tell you that this will be the last one that we can fund, as we are returning the remaining funds to near foundation and creatives and putting the mitnbasedao to sleep until we have capabilities to administrate it again (focusing on tech grants rn)

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I request the amount of 6.5 NEAR for opening the MintbaseSunday store.

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I’ll like to be part of this

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Basic Introduction to Near Ecosystem | MINTBASE WORKSHOP

Project status: CONCLUDED


It was very rewarding the meetings with Mariana, Mira, Beat, Lis, Amanda, Cibeli and Riccardo, I thank them for their participation, who were the 3rd Class of the Basic Introduction to Near Ecosystem | MINTBASE WORKSHOP.

Being able to share my experiences in the Near ecosystem, Mintbase, 3XRSpace and all the dynamics surrounding the Near Forum was really important during the month of October.

As proposed, they each had the opportunity to learn about the entire Near ecosystem, as well as mint their first NFT and have the experience of buying an NFT.

Thanks to Mintbase and NEAR for providing the necessary resources for the onboarding of the participants: marianacbreis.near; miravisuais.near; beatz.near; listorresart.near; amandad.near; cexe.near; cibelifelippe.near; riccardoata.near

Some people in the class had difficulties in the learning process, so some extra hours of work were needed to complete the project. In addition carlazacheu.near gave up on continuing, thus opening a vacancy for riccardoata.near to join the class, the resource sent to her was transferred to riccardo’s portfolio and we were able to continue the learning process of those interested.

Here the report with the boardings, NFTs minted and the NFTs bought by the participants of the meetings.

All the NFTs of the class were coined in the new store https://www.mintbase.io/contract/mintbasesunday.mintbase1.near/nfts/0 I thank Mintbase once again for their incentive to continue building a better ecosystem here at Near.
We believe that onboarding new artists in a healthy way with minimal direction in this complex environment is very important, that’s why we insist in projects like this one, where we share our experiences, presenting how to integrate the Near ecosystem and the countless features and actions.
Unfortunately we were not able to continue the Basic Introduction to the Near Ecosystem project in November. We took advantage of the new moment in the ecosystem to reorganize our way of acting and will work during December to strengthen our idea to continue our work so that together we can create a healthy and even more creative environment here in the Near Ecosystem.

As suggested by @reginamintbase and @marianeu I created PDF files where is the step by step with details to Create Near Wallet, how to create your profile on Mintbase and minting your first NFT. All the material is found in an announcement made here in the forum.


01 | marianacbreis.near | Queen of Swords by Mariana Reis

02 | miravisuais.near | NFTêxtil

03 | beatz.near | Islands of us

04 | listorresart.near | Lost Memories - LisTorresArt

05 | amandad.near | Deciphering Fractals - Amanda Dantas

06 | cibelifelippe.near | Amazonian Royalty 01 by Cibeli Felippe

07 | riccardoata.near | condensed milk with bread equals pus

08 | cexe.near | Coró Fluorescência |

Unfortunately due to 3XRSpace problems it was not possible to build the virtual gallery, but I delivered the exhibition at VOXEL where Oliver gave up the space to host the exhibition at the ISO Gallery. Here is the link and photos of the exhibition.

Exhibition Mintbase Workshop of the 3rd Near Ecosystem Basic Introduction class

Dissemination on Twitter:


Introdução Básica ao ecossistema NEAR | MINTBASE WORKSHOP
Status do projeto: CONCLUÍDO

Foi muito gratificante os encontros com Mariana, Mira, Beat, Lis, Amanda, Cibeli e Riccardo, agradeço a participação deles, que foram a 3ª Turma da Introdução Básica ao Ecossistema Near | WORKSHOP MINTBASE.

Poder dividir minhas experiências no ecossistema Near, na Mintbase, no 3XRSpace e em toda a dinâmica que envolve o Fórum Near foi realmente importante durante o mês de outubro.

Conforme proposto, cada um deles teve a oportunidade de aprender sobre todo o ecossistema Near, além de cunhar seu primeiro NFT e ter a experiência de comprar um NFT.

Agradeço a Mintbase e a NEAR por proporcionar os recursos necessários para o embarque dos participantes: marianacbreis.near; miravisuais.near; beatz.near; listorresart.near; amandad.near; cexe.near; cibelifelippe.near; riccardoata.near

Algumas pessoas da turma tiveram dificuldades no processo de aprendizagem, então foram necessárias algumas horas extras de trabalho para que o projeto fosse concluído. Além disso carlazacheu.near desistiu de continuar, abrindo assim vaga para riccardoata.near participar da turma, o recurso enviado para ela foi transferido para a carteira de riccardo podendo darmos continuidade ao processo de aprendizado dos interessados.

Aqui o relatório com os embarques, NFTs cunhados e os NFTs comprados pelos participantes dos encontros.

Todos os NFTs da turma foram cunhados na nova loja https://www.mintbase.io/contract/mintbasesunday.mintbase1.near/nfts/0 Agradeço mais uma vez o incentivo da Mintbase para continuarmos a construir um ecossitema cada vez melhor aqui na Near.
Acreditamos que embarques de novos artistas de maneira saudável com o mínimo de direcionamento nesse complexo ambiente é muito importante, por isso insistimos em projetos como esse, onde compartilhamos experiências vivenciadas, apresentando como integrar o ecossistema Near e as inúmeras funcionalidades e atuação.
Infelizmente não conseguimos para o mês de novembro dar seguimento ao projeto Introdução Básica ao Ecossistema Near. Aproveitamos o novo momento do ecossistema para reorganizar nossa maneira de atuação e vamos trabalhar durante em dezembro para fortalecermos a nossa ideia para continuarmos o nosso trabalho para que juntos possamos criar um ambiente saudável e ainda mais criativo aqui no ecossistema Near.

Conforme sugerido por @reginamintbase e @marianeu criei arquivos em PDF onde está o passo a passo com detalhes para Criar Carteira Near, como criar seu perfil na Mintbase e cunhar seu primeiro NFT. Todo o material se encontra em um anúncio realizado aqui no fórum.


01 | marianacbreis.near | Queen of Swords by Mariana Reis

02 | miravisuais.near | NFTêxtil

03 | beatz.near | Islands of us

04 | listorresart.near | Lost Memories - LisTorresArt

05 | amandad.near | Deciphering Fractals - Amanda Dantas

06 | cibelifelippe.near | Amazonian Royalty 01 by Cibeli Felippe

07 | riccardoata.near | condensed milk with bread equals pus

08 | cexe.near | Coró Fluorescência |

Infelizmente por problemas no 3XRSpace não foi possível construir a galeria virtual, mas fiz a entrega da exposição no VOXEL onde Oliver cedeu o espaço para receber a exposição na ISO Gallery. Segue link e fotos da exposição.

Exposição Mintbase Workshop da 3a turma de Introdução Básica ao Ecossistema Near


Divulgação no Twitter:

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Thank you for this report, Alexandre! Looks like the workshop was a success. Great work.

Please do submit your payout proposal to AstroDAO.


Hi @reginamintbase, thank you very much for your comment. Payment requested on AstroDAO


Thank you @macieira! Approved

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Muito obrigado @reginamintbase Thank you very much :star_struck: