[Proposal] Charity Art Project "Near Forest Souls"

Project Members:

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Target: d-layer.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: 4500 USD
Projects & Timelines: 4 Month

Project name

Near Forest Souls

Quantitative Metrics: the number NFT in the collection, revenue, audience reach in social media, the number of owners
Qualitative Metrics audience quality, community members engagement
How it benefits NEAR community? a socially important charitable project to consolidate the image of NEAR as a carbon-neutral system, popularization of NFT in the community of eco-activists.

Together with the artist vladimir_selivonchik.near, we want to create a charity project to support forests on our planet.

one of the artist’s works (for example, it is not a sketch of this project)

Collection description:

These will be mini-collections of 6 types of NFTs, which will be combined into one pano.
Each of the NFT types will have 100 variations, with elements of generative art.
Having collected 6 unique NFTs, it will be possible to fold them into one unique pano.

Each mini-collection is dedicated to different types of forests (evergreen equatorial, tropical, midland, coniferous)

The theme for the first collection is “Deciduous Forests”.

We chose this topic because this type of forest is common in Belarus (our DAO and an artist from this country), as well as in the European Union, the USA and Canada, China and Japan (the main countries in which the target audience of our project lives.)

The plot of the large pano will represent the forest as a single living breathing organism.

Plots of individual NFTs will contain images of forest spirits, animals, plants characteristic of this type of forest.

About Artist

Vladimir Selivonchik is the author of illustrations that are already a part of our life on the web and we can come across them almost every day and not realize it. He is one of the illustrators of the most successful stock studio in the world at the moment, Goodstudio.

The forests support project will have a good impact on the positive image of NEAR-Protocol, proving in practice its focus on environmental care.
From carbon neutral to carbon negative.)

Most of the proceeds will go to forest protection funds.

This is a project with great media coverage potential.

We would welcome information and support from the NEAR ecosystem if possible.
We plan to send out information on the following media:

  • design groups in telegram and Facebook.
  • in eco-communities.
  • local Belarusian news sites and groups
  • news channels dedicated to NFT.

We plan to agree on cooperation with the “Open Forest Protocol” and help expand the scope of their activities

Presentation of the Collection.

The presentation in Minsk will take place on Oktyabrskaya Street, in several places at once. This is a place where creative and IT youth peoples gather. It will last 2 weeks.

Expected direct coverage of the exhibition 2,000 people
Activation of 200-500 wallets.

  • the audience of all news channels that will post the news (10,000-30,000 people).
  • coverage of the advertising company in social networks (20,000-30,000)

Perhaps the second presentation of the collection will be made at its own expense by the foundation, in cooperation with which this collection will be released.

Economic part

600 nft will be generated in the first mini-series
The estimated price of one NFT - 30-50 USD
Estimated revenue from the complete sale of the collection at a fixed price of 18,000 - 30,000 USD

Distribution of proceeds from the sale
15% - to the artist
50% - funds
35% - to our Dao and other project participants (to help promote the project, TENK DAO accelerator)

Budget and work plan for the 1st stage (1 month):


  • artist’s fee - 250 USD
  • project logo - 100 USD
  • graphics for promotional materials and social media design - 100 USD

organization and marketing

  • domain name (.art, .gallery) and hosting - 50 USD
  • site, whitepaper and roadmap of the project - 300 USD

total: 800

Budget аnd work plan for the 2nd stage (1 month):


  • artist’s fee - 500 USD

organization and marketing

  • negotiations with venues for presentations and exhibitions - 200 USD
  • search for a site for an exhibition in the metaverse - 200 USD
  • start of work on promotion in social networks - 200 USD
  • SMM (promotion program) - 300 USD
  • articles and post copywriting for promo collaboration on Twitter and Instagram - 200 USD

total: 1600

Budget and work plan for the 3rd stage (2 months):


  • artist’s fee - 750 USD
  • generation and minting - 250 USD

organization and marketing

  • work to promote the project (sending press releases to the media, holding sweepstakes in social networks, publishing project news and project workflow) 500-1000 USD
  • preparation of an exhibition and presentation (printing of works, design and printing of promotional materials, advertising in social networks, room decor, distribution of announcements and press releases, overhead costs) - 1000 USD
  • project presentation (work to connect the audience, presenter, DJ, photographer, fruits and drinks) - 500 USD

total: 3000-3500 USD for 2 months
every month 1500 USD

Project development plan if the first collection is a success:

  • full transition to financial self-sufficiency
  • release of collections dedicated to another type of forest in cooperation with new foundations.
  • additional releases of new NFT series to already sold out collections
  • the embodiment of plots and motifs from collections in street art, the manufacture of souvenirs and their sale in eco-museums and nature reserves. At the discretion of the funds in cooperation with which the collection will be prepared.