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Coaty World


Coaty World is a web3 fashion-oriented game with social elements.
Users collect virtual branded clothes for their characters and mint NFTs.
Minted NFTs will collect tokens for users.
Users can spend their tokens on branded stuff from the Coaty World store. The more characters released - the more tokens the user can earn.


The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.
Brands have a lot of unsold clothing collections.
Very often brands are not able to reach their target audience because of the high cost of advertising and the lack of a direct connection with the consumer.

Advergaming is a good solution for providing effective advertisements through game process.
Users often avoid advertising by using paid subscriptions or using adblockers because people mostly reject ads.
Advertisers have to find new ways to promote their brand and attract new customers.


Coaty World is an advergame that allows users to collect branded clothes for their characters.
Brands can natively integrate their products into the game. Stores can sell discounted branded clothes to users.
Stores will get new customers and users will get real world branded clothes.
Advergaming is one of the best ways that allows them not only to reach a new audience, but also to increase brand awareness.

Advantages of advergaming

  1. Not intrusive ads. Advertising does not interrupt the player’s gameplay in any way.
  2. Casual games are easy to learn and quickly addicting to players. Higher chance that the user will share the game with other users.
  3. Users, involved in the game process, are absolutely prepared to consume the advertiser’s message.


Coaty World is a web3 mobile game with social elements.
The main game-mechanic is collecting branded clothes for your character.
The clothes can be collected through scanning QR codes, which are placed on branded clothes or from other users.
Each QR code can be scanned only once. If users want to get new items, they have to find new users.
Users can mint NFTs of their characters and sell them on the Coaty World marketplace.
Each minted NFT will collect tokens for the user.
Users can spend their tokens on branded stuff from the Coaty World store.

MVP is already published on Play Market and being moderated by Apple to release on App Store.

Technical Details

Coaty World is being developed with Flutter, Golang on Azure.
Flutter allows us to develop for both iOS and Android with one codebase.
Golang is used for the backend.
Azure is used for hosting and database. It’s been chosen because of the provided grants.

Business Model

What is the business plan?

The business plan consists of 2 steps:

  1. The first step is to earn from transaction fees with Coaty World NFTs. There are a lot of game mechanics planned that will allow users to earn tokens and earn money for Coaty World. For example, looking after your character will cost tokens.
  2. The second step is to earn from the Coaty World store. Users will be able to spend their tokens on branded stuff from the Coaty World store. Coaty World will have direct advertising contracts with brands.

How will users earn?

Users will be able to get discounts or real-world products simply by playing the game.
To succeed they will need to involve other users by scanning their unique QR codes - which is a win-win for users and Coaty World.
Users will be able to participate in Coaty World in-game events, where their minted characters can be improved to collect more tokens.
For example, a fashion competition with real-world clothing designers, where users will be able to participate in the competition with their characters and win real-world prizes.
Users will be able to sell their minted NFTs on the Coaty World marketplace.


STEPN, and Sweatcoin are the main web3 competitors of Coaty World. They have the same business model - users earn tokens for walking, and then they can spend them on branded stuff.
GAP Threads is an interactive digital collectible advergame at the intersection of technology, fashion, music, and art.
On Gap Threads users can find access to iconic moments from Gap’s history, limited edition merchandise from Gap’s artist partners, and exclusive access to engaging experiences.

Advergame examples but on web2:
Aglet is the same game as STEPN, and Sweatcoin. Aglet is currently moving to web3.
Gucci Arcade is an advergame created by Gucci. It’s not web3, but it’s a good example of how to integrate branded stuff into the game.
KFC Shrimp Attack is an advergame created by KFC. The same game as Fruit Ninja but with KFC food instead of fruits, where users could earn discounts for KFC groceries.

Competition Advantages

Viral effect. To play Coaty World users need to interact with other users.

Any game mechanic that already exists in other games can be used in Coaty World. For example, the walking mechanic from STEPN or Sweatcoin can be used in Coaty World:
Users will be able to improve their minted characters by walking. There will be a history of travels for each character. Character #123 has been to Lisbon 3 times, Paris 2 times, and so on…

Coaty World can interact not only with brands but with any B2C business.
For example, Coaty World can be used as a loyalty program for a store.
Businesses can create challenges for players to complete. Buy 3 items from our store and get a discount on the 4th item.
A specific minted character will have a historical record of all the challenges completed. Character #123 has completed 3 challenges from store #1, 2 challenges from store #2, and so on…
Every completed challenge will improve the character to collect more tokens.


Coaty World team is planning to implement the following:


  1. Coaty World traveling. Every minted character will have a history of travels. Characters with a lot of travel will be more valuable and will be able to earn more tokens.
  2. Coaty World challenges. Businesses can create challenges for players to complete. Buy 3 items from our store and get a discount on the 4th item.
  3. Coaty World fashion competitions. Users will be able to participate in the competition with their characters and win real-world prizes.


  1. Coaty World marketplace. Users will be able to sell their minted NFTs on the Coaty World marketplace.


  1. Coaty World CRM. Customers will be able to control their in-game items, add new products to the Coaty World store, and so on. CRM will contain analytics and statistics of the store.
  2. Coaty World CRM API. Businesses will be able to integrate their CRM with Coaty World.


Coaty World team consists of 3 Software Engineers with different backgrounds:

  1. Pavlo Symonov - Software Engineer with UX/UI experience.
  2. Oleksandr Khomin - Software Engineer with 3 years of backend development experience.
  3. Selim Tokhtarov - Software Engineer with management experience.

What we have/What we need

What we have

Coaty World team is working with Sigma Software Labs:

For now Sigma Software Labs provides:

  • consult Startup on the best ways to market the Project;
  • consulting on business scaling;
  • legal assistance and support of business registration;
  • consulting on financial and investment processes;
  • promotion through overall network of business contacts;
  • assistance in finding additional, potential team members and IT specialists through the overall network of business contacts;
  • introductions to potential customers, strategic partners and key industry contacts and meetings with them.

Coaty World is a member of Microsoft for Startups
Microsoft for Startups provides:

  • access to the Microsoft Azure platform with 5000 USD Azure credits for 1 year;
  • access to the Microsoft developer, management and marketing tools;
  • The grant can be extended to 150,000 USD Azure credits, after releasing the game.

Coaty World will be on WebSummit in November 2022.

What we need

Coaty World team is looking for NEAR 15000 to:

  1. Complete the game to make it ready for customers, to advertise their products and services;
  2. Integrate web3 into the game. Web3 part was implemented on the NEARCON2022 hackathon, but it still requires a lot of work to make it ready for customers;
  3. Implement CRM for customers to be able to manage their products and services in the game;
  4. Create in-game assets for the game, to make game more attractive for users;
  5. To cover the costs of first NFT minting. Coaty World will cover the costs to introduce users from web2 to web3;
  6. Create merch of Coaty World to be able to sell it in the Coaty World store, and to use it as a marketing tool;


In 4 months Coaty World team will be able to:

  1. Complete the game to make it ready for customers, to advertise their products and services;
  2. Implement MVP of Coaty World CRM for customers to be able to manage their products and services in the game;
  3. Implement MVP of Coaty World marketplace for users to be able to sell their minted NFTs.

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Hello, its looks cool, keep up the good work​:slightly_smiling_face:

Hello! Could you please share report about it?

Hello Dacha,

The application is already available on App Store and Play Market. You can see detailed metrics since the release for each application on the screenshots.

Play Market: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=world.coaty
App Store: ‎Coaty World - Fashion Battle on the App Store
The first planned version of the game was released with the first customers(AILand, Enter The Sphere, ParasID, HereWallet, Tamago, BearVerse).

Marketing campaigns were started immediately after the release: Google Ads(with Google for Startups support), TikTok Ads, Twitter Contest(NEAR Insider, Nearity).
Players provided a lot of feedback, but the initial features showed low retention, therefore the marketing campaigns were stopped until implementing new features.

The marketing was aimed at the US audience on Google Ads and at English-speaking European countries on TikTok.

Google Ads was used with the support of Google Ads team. They provided the best practices and made sure the campaigns followed all the rules.

All the creatives can be found here:

Google Ads:
Spent: $3,076
Average CPI: €1.69(max €5.63, min €0.83)
Result: 1.09K installs

TikTok marketing campaigns weren’t successful, because the videos weren’t created with “TikTok” style. Therefore the campaigns were stopped.
TikTok Ads:
Spent: $236
Result: 0 installs

There were a few posts, AMAs, and contests from NEAR Insider and Nearity. The marketing campaigns brought few new players to Coaty World.
Twitter contests and AMAs:
Spent: 500 NEAR
Result: 10-15 installs

The biggest difficulty was publishing Coaty World on App Store. They have strict rules about NFTs and Coupons.
The initial idea was to send players coupons from different businesses for in-game likes. App Store has a restriction for that, so it was decided to create special skins for businesses with their logo and links to their website.
Coupons restriction: App Store Review Guidelines - Apple Developer.

The NFT minting functionality was implemented on NEARCON 2022 using Mintbase. Apple was rejecting the submission until everything that was related to web3(including NEAR assets) was removed. The first submission was on September 4, after 5 rejections the game was finally published on December 21.
NFT restriction: App Store Review Guidelines - Apple Developer.

Technical details:
Backend infrastructure was fully implemented on Azure, after receiving credits for using GCP from Google For Startups, the infrastructure was migrated to GCP.
The mobile application is written on Flutter. Recently, authentication with NEAR was implemented and published on both Play Market and App Store. While implementing authentication with NEAR, team faced a few problems that were successfully solved using Golang for validating user’s authentication and issuing an auth token and Flutter to implement NEAR authentication. A tutorial for NEAR UA was created based on the gained knowledge: Автентифікація Flutter додатку з NEAR Protocol | by Oleksandr Khomin | Створюємо на Near Protocol | May, 2023 | Medium

There are 1,700 registered players, but retention is very low.

Currently, the team is focused on implementing new gameplay features based on the players’ feedback and integrating NFT minting feature with another marketplace.

The initial idea with coupons was delayed due to a lack of partners and App Store restrictions. Therefore, the first customers were onboarded manually.

NFT Marketplace:
The initial idea of creating own NFT marketplace was discussed with Human Guild and it was decided to partner with any other Marketplace since it will reduce the cost of development and a potential partner can promote the application.

Currently, the team is exploring FewAndFar Marketplace to mint NFTs.

Please, tell me if you want to know any additional information about Coaty World.