[Approved] May 2023 - AMA, Infographics and News | Near Insider

Hello everyone! cc @Dacha @satojandro @cryptocredit @so608 @Klint. We had a great April with some activities. You can our report here:

Today we continue to submit a proposal for May with the following plans and goals:
1. Social media
We continue to produce content:


2. Activities
We will continue to focus on our strength, is AMA and will hold about 6-8 AMAs per month.
There were 2 projects for May, that’s NDC and Paras
For ex:

3. Grant
=> Total: $3000
Wallet ID: near_insider.near

Thanks for supporting!


This is Henry from Joysticklabs, Near Insider is doing a great job in supporting projects building on NEAR with Social media marketing, exposure etc through their AMAs, weekly news. Constant support will help near insider to continous support upcoming projects.
Kudos to the Near Insider team


Hello @marketingdao-council can we receive your respond today?

Hi, Evgeny from Human Guild here. I wanted to say thank you to NEAR Insider for supporting HG projects


I submited our proposal for 15 days but I didn’t see anyone here to respond. I hope you will respond us asap. Thank you! @satojandro @cryptocredit @Dacha @Klint @so608

Hello ser Toni! I am happy to support you.


Thanks Dacha, I hope you will respond us asap, we deployed @Klint @so608 @satojandro @cryptocredit

Hi @near.insider i have reviewed your report and proposal, also noted posts from the community supporting your contribution to help projects building on Near. Happy to support.

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Thanks for your proposal and your patience,

I am once again at the same place where we were towards the end of last year: wondering for how long NEAR Insider will require support from Community Treasury and pathway towards sustainability.

Can we jump on a call to understand the current situation - I’m DMing my calendar link.

We had a meeting with AVB and clearly everything, I think council should have an update here @dacha @cryptocredit @satojandro @Klint @so608 Thanks!

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Thanks for your patience Tony,

Following our call last week, I am happy to support this proposal.

Brief summary of call and notes:

  • NearInsider is perceiving a modest amount of revenue from some of the more established projects in NEAR ecosystem that have a budget available to them
  • The majority of the projects NEAR insider supports are at an earlier stage without a significant marketing budget. Marketing DAO is able to fund NEAR insider to enable this type of work.
  • We will continue to monitor market conditions and encourage all projects to be as resourceful as possible and proactive about finding pathways to sustainability into the future.

Moving proposal to approved now,


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Thanks for believing us, we’ll always here to support Near ecosystem. We’ll send the report next month

I created the poll on AstroDAO. Please vote for it. Thank you very much!