[Approved] Ukraine Charity NFT Marketing - Launch 8th June

Astro Poll 15th June 2022 https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-386?fromCreate=true

Hey Everyone,

Hope you’re all fantastic and we’re excited to join in expanding NEAR to the world!

This is our first proposal to the Marketing DAO, but not our first rodeo in marketing or Web 3!

Introduction: We at iiNDYVERSE have been building in stealth mode for 6 months. Our core business is focused on bridging the gap between web 2 and web 3 audiences by playing at the intersection of entertainment & commerce.

The Team:

Wayne Snow (Neo Soul Artist) - Instagram, Spotify, Press & other info - 700,000 monthly listeners on Spotify

Kofta (Design Studio) - Instagram, Press, Studio

iiNDYVERSE Founders - Bryan Georges & Robin Shaw who have personally contributed crypto funds and driven families over 2200km to temporary housing in Poland.

Official Links: www.iindy.co / Twitter / Instagram

Funding scheme: One-time

Initiative Summary and Context: iiNDYVERSE is running an NFT fundraiser with support from Rev Miller a Founding partner of Unchain Fund, @Nakameowdough Partnerships at NEAR and Paras.id

Artwork is provided by NFT artists Mara, The Dons & Ev3reth + Nigerian musician Wayne Snow. We would love some support for social media, marketing initiatives and press coverage to encorage user adoption.

Project overview - Ukraine Crisis - Kids in Conflict Collection

One of iiNDY’s artists, Wayne Snow, commissioned work from a leading Ukrainian (Kyiv) Design Studio Kofta to produce a limited run of designer backpacks made using a unique leather moulding technique.

Due to the war, Kofta can no longer operate, our contact with them is sporadic but they’re alive. Luckily one sample piece was produced before the war started and no more physical editions will be produced again!

We believe this backpack symbolises the plight of so many Ukrainians that had to pick up and leave their lives behind, with nothing but a backpack to salvage what they could.

We’re auctioning this 1-of-1 backpack (retails for €1000-1500) alongside an open edition collection of NFTs, and will commission a group of leading visual artists, to add their creativity and visual interpret the symbolic nature of backpack.

In addition, Wayne Snow will be releasing a song about the conflict that would be made available to all NFT owners.

All proceeds will go to a Ukrainian Unchain Fund fund and then be distributed to children in need.

The Artists

The artists create their work by using photos of the physical bag (see Gallery Images here) alongside the story and object of the project for inspiration. The artists have complete creative freedom to create work that speaks to them and their community.

Mara - Mara is a French collage artist who works in different galleries as well as in urban environments. Mara is a leading NFT artist within the NEAR community, with over 72,000 NEAR in trade volume to date.

The Dons- The Dons is one of the top 10 NFT project in the NEAR community, with 28,000 in volume traded. The lead Artist from The Dons will be produce artwork specifically for this project.

EV3RETH - EV3RETH is a very talented Machine Learning Artist & Composer that is in emerging in the NEAR community. As a machine learning artist, EV3RETH generates art from trained algorithms.

How it would work?

  1. Each artist will create an open edition NFT series representing their visual interpretation of what the backpack symbolises. Each series with be named by the artist who designed the collection.
  2. Each series will be priced at around $100 to mint.
  3. There will be no limit on the number of NFTs that could be purchased within each series. But all mints must be done within 60 hours - the time period it takes to leave Ukraine and cross the border.
  4. In addition we will run an auction for a 1-1 NFT, which will grant access to own the physical backpack.
  5. All proceeds from Primary Sales will go to Unchain Fund and then be distributed to children in need. Secondary sales will give 20% back to the charity fund in perpetuity, we decided to do this because secondary sales of NFTs that give 100% back to the charity hasn’t worked for other projects.

Press release - music industry focused

Impact / Value:

  • Drive user adoption through increased project reach and engagement on social media.
  • Develop positive sentiment by highlighting NEAR as a thoughtful community supporting charity initiatives.
  • Show Wayne Snows peers and the wider fan/music/creative community (who’s trust in NFTs is relatively low) that web 3 will be used for good.
  • Increase visibility for iiNDYVERSE ahead of our public launch in June
  • Target web 2 communities and bring them onto NEAR through press and musician Wayne Snow’s network.

Marketing Tasks + Funding

Instagram + promo $950
Twitter + promo $950
Fyre competition $300
Medium articles $300
Work with Influencers $400

Total Requested Amount: 2900 $USD

Success Metrics

  • We will provide reports about NFTs sold , money raised(transferred to children).

Timeline: June 1st - 13th

Planning & preparation of social assets

Thought leader engagement

Press reach out and negotiation

6th June - social teaser posts + Medium article written

8th June - fyre.io competition launch + Social push + thought leader push

8th-10th June - Twitter and IG advertising

NEAR Wallet ID: iindyverse4good.near

Wallet Owner: iiNDYVERSE Ltd

We’re a bit tight for time due to the launch date being 10 days away!

@marketingdao-council Any questions pls do reach out :v::ukraine:


Happy to support. Have a great day.


Thank you Dacha! Very excited to get this project off the ground and support as many kids as possible :v:

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Cool initiative. However, the funding will not hit your account in the next 3 days, what do you plan on doing if you don’t get the funds right away?


thanks, we’ve put a lot into the project! Thx also for the question Klint :v:

If this proposal is approved I will use personal funds to cover the costs and reclaim them when they are released.


@marketingdao-council pls lmk if you are able to take a look at this :slight_smile:

Happy to answer any questions, we’d love to have your support behind this initiative!


Very impressible line up of artists and partners.

Happy to support.

You can now proceed to post Poll on AstroDAO. Once the poll is approved you need to submit Google Form: you’ll be prompted to complete KYC from third party (Onfido) and then sent a Reward Agreement to sign (HelloSign).

Reach out if you have any questions along the way,


thanks everyone for the kind support!

We’re in launch mode today - will setup the poll tomorrow :slight_smile: