Creating utility wih NFT

Please kindly check our report on creating utility project for june HERE.

This month, the project is going to take another phase. We would be working with 10 artist in creating arts on the following theme

Dedicated arts to climate change: As we know, one of the objectives of Near’s blockchain is to provide climate-neutral environment with the use of its Prove of stake mechanism instead of the traditional Prove of Work system in validating code.

Dedicated arts for world peace: This art will be created having in mind the unrest going on in the world as at now. Artist will be given the freedom to express themselves in the best possible manner.

Dedicated arts to the victims of Ukraine and Russia war: For this particular piece, 100% of the revenue from the sales of this Nft will be donated to Ukraine via

How do we intend to do this?

Revenues from this Nft will go to our Dao treasury then will be transferred immediately to unchain-fund.sputnik-dao.near

This art will be created in many forms by different artists expressing their unique and creative thoughts on these topics. Videos are going to be made on the idea and inspiration behind this art piece and posted and promoted on all our socials including Youtube.


  • To create awareness to the world

  • To increase Near protocol’s participation in humanitarian services.

  • Onboard new artist to near X art community

Artists in the “squads” group in our on chain will be given the privilege to work on some of these topics; we would also onboard new creatives to work on some of the topics too.

Budget Breakdown:

Production material - $350: This includes the materials, time spent for all 10 artist in the production of these Nft of arts, logistics,etc.

List of materials needed but not limited to the following:

  • Stretcher

  • Prime

  • Canvas material

  • Oil paint

  • Frame

  • Wood

  • Hong brush

  • Stable brush

  • Linseed oil

  • Canvas

Scouting of artists $50: We will use our already onboarded artists as a tool to scout for new artists. $5 dollars will be given to any of our onboarded artists that brings new artists

Reward for artiste for creation of the arts: $490 - This bounty will serve as a way to incentivize the community participation.
7 physical artists will work on the project: Dedicated arts to climate change and Dedicated arts to world peace,
$70 bounty will be given to each artists. : 70 *7 : 490$

The artiste that will work on “dedicated art to victims of Ukraine and Russia war” will get be amount 3 and $100 will be given to each of them owing that 100% revenue from the sales of this NFT will be donated to ukrain via unchain.funds . : $300

Videoshoot-$300: This cost include the payment of the videographer, renting of the video space, editor and renting a 4k crystal clear camera. Videos will be posted on our social platforms to increase the visibility of this project.

Total: $1,490
All promotional cost will be directed to marketing dao.

Please feel free to ask questions on anything that may seem unclear.

We are happy to receive your support as usual.

Near x Art.