{ proposal } audio liveband/stage performance & recording

Hello Creative Dao and NEAR community
I send my greetings to all council members in the NEAR Ecosystem and the web3.
I go by the name billibillion a member of the c1 community and also the artist stage management of the CAPITAL GUILD community.

As a contributor and community builder it has always been motivating to find new ways to contribute to the growth of community and impact life it self,

I Am very happy to announce that Capital Guild and the Onboarded Artists who created NFTs from the May project already have collectors who have collected arts with physical unlockable from our Mintbase store and this unlockables will be shipped to the collectors.


I will like to be given the opportunity to onboard & showcase some talented audio recording artist, i intend having them showcase their talents live while it’s been recorded. It’s going to be an audio live performance where the arts will be recorded and thereafter allowed to showcase their talent by organizing an onstage live performance to be video recorded.

The aim of this project is to provide the web3 community with a strong platform for meta verse and other web3 performance opportunities.
Onboard new members in the audio music creating NFTs.
Create the first audio NFTs for the our Mintbase store

We will be having A 3 days rehearsals with the CAPITAL GUILD team and then we’ll be recording the live performance on the 4th day, the project is targeted for 18/June/2022

To achieve this project I will be working with

3 Recording artists
1 Audio production/sound engineer
A camera crew for Video & photo coverage
Renting a stage
Renting costumes
A sound engineer

3 recording artist: $50 X 3 = $150
Coverage Visuals/photos = $300
Stage rental ( rehearsals/main recording: $200
Renting Costumes $50 X 3 = $150
Audio production/sound engineer: $200
Total: $1000
Target: billionz.near

Cc: @creativesdao-council
Tagging: @ELKHUSH


It’s been a unique experience working with great elites like you all …

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Hey @OGbillions , this is directed towards the Capital Guild monthly funding proposal?

@ted.iv yes it is directed towards Capital Guild monthly funding

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@OGbillions just saw the overall proposal now, thank you!

Who are the artists involved in the proposal?
Will they be onboarded to the ecosystem or the project will be paid out in fiat?

@ted.iv we have some hand picked local artists in Abuja that have been working good and hard, we have started teaching them about the web3 ecosystem and how it’ll build and grow their careers, however we made some arrangements for bounty to cover their transportation for recording, rehearsals and performances.
Thank you

Ok, do you have more details about these artists that have been chosen? Good to hear that some intro will be given to the web3 ecosystem, but I didn’t seem to understand if this includes onboarding them or not, could you clarify?

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Yes @ted.iv we do have details about them, however and we would have attached them but the project can’t be for all the hand picked artists because we are starting with just 3, so we are sensitizing them and also observing for the most serious minded and committed, as a new community we want to start with dedicated contributors and creators for metrics and longevity sake. This is just to control the cash grab idea that most people see the web3 as.
And it is also an onboarding process for them.
All the artists will be onboarded but the most dedicated will be featured on the project while the rest use this as a medium to understand how goal driven the community is