[CLOSED] Capital Guild August 2022 Funding Request

Greetings @creativesdao-council and every one present in this forum and around the web3 space

I am chukwu Nduka Samson (sammiee) and I am very delighted to be representing capital guild and submitting our community August funding request.
We have gone through the projects submitted to us and have seen them worthy to aid us in our journey to self sustainability of our Guild.

Here is a copy of our July Report for the projects we have embarked on and we will be making more updates

Project management/councils:

In August we have Considered the following:





We will like to use this opportunity to thank the moderators of the creativeDAO for their firm support especially towards owning our creative space to aid us in our journey to becoming a sustainable guild and allow our creatives have a physical location where we can create and showcase our arts.

The above projects have been reviewed and have been seen to take place and be completed on or before the 30th of August 2022

Community management: $1,500

Total request: $5,000 in USD
Target: captalguild.sputnik-dao.near

Cc @creativesdao-council for visibility


Hello, team! Us, your moderators, can only show support if we can get some things clarified. Let’s work on it, shall we?

  • Are you going to onboard the photographers that will take these shots? Also, why there is a fee for project coordination, can one of the councils can do it?
  • For this Create a tag contest, why it cost 500$ just for tagging and limited numbers of winners? How this can contribute to overall NEAR community and Creatives DAO?

  • Why do we charge photographers repetitively in each initiatives? And can you help us understand team bounty?

Looking forward to your answers :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Over time we have been able to onboard photographers into the community and they are still members of the community,
These photographers do this art as work also and a means of livelihood so they are paid to get the job done and in some cases where there is a different type of shoot an external photographer is contracted which for us it has always been an onboarding opportunity and same will happen on this project.

Project coordination fee as explained to us involves logistics to move around as this shoots will be done in different locations to better capture the intended mood board.

It is an individual project and will be coordinated by the proposer of this idea.

This contest is open to everyone in the capital guild community and also every other community within the Near ecosystem and just as it is with contest a limited number of persons are rewarded and judging by the criteria for considering winners “200 tags and retweets for the 1st position”
We believe it is a reasonable number and the reward of $150 is relative, the Team of 3 to follow tags of various contestants across different social platforms which could be well over 60 entries for this contest.

It will contribute to the Near community by way of increasing engagements across the different near communities and also a means to spread the gospel of the Near ecosystem across different web3 spaces.

It’s benefits for the creativeDAO is that this project will be creating an opportunity for members with different guilds to become creative with their Tags and content which will again put to work our creative minds.

The projects are ideas submitted by different individuals which in most cases are from different locations in The community and since it is an individual project being funded through the community it is expected that the proposer will work with photographers within their reach,
And as we have always done these photographers are onboarded into the community, as for photographers who are already community members they are paid for their equipments and services.

Some of this projects are covered by videographers and there is a charge attached to editing of videos.

The cultural project requires a photographer “to take photographs” while the workshop project requires a Videographer “ to record videos” and these videos will be edited afterwards.

Yes it is a physical hub where creatives of the capital guild and other communities whose members are residents in Abuja will be physically creating their art, this hub also will help reduce or stop us from requesting funds to rent a studio or funding for venues to carry out community projects or community members individual projects, and as we are a community of showmanship it is going to be a physical hub where different arts are physically created, ranging from DANCE STUDIO, makeup and photo studio, audio recording studio, Pencil art, painting and sculpture studio.

Thanks @kc_sollano i hope this is clear enough and we will be happy to provide more clarifications if there are any.

Thanks for your kind response

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Hello @creativesdao-council we would love to k ow your thoughts regarding this funding request and where we go from here

Mentioning @creativesdao-council for your final review

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Hello, team! Sorry for the delay in notification.

Majority of the Creatives Moderators cannot support this proposal for the following reasons:

We hope that the team takes this as learning opportunity and we’ll be looking forward seeing Capital Guild next month.

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Thank you @kc_sollano however we are very different from the Near X Art, we are not a gallery and we do not function in any way like the NEAR X ART.


We are creating a hub for different art creation and most importantly to perform and showcase, unlike other projects building in Africa and the web3 as a whole our community is the first to kickstart the initiative for creators to have a hub or a space where they can perform and or showcase their Art, we have carefully explained all of this in our introduction and explanations provided with samples to the hub.
It is quite unfair to relate what we do are are trying to achieve with projects that are very different in every way to ours.

Secondly we received funding already to start paying for this space and we have already commenced inspection, what do we do now?



I believe the received funding was for the last month, not August right? As there was a delay in funding.

Yes it was for last month, we have explained that we can be directed to take out the TAG contest proposal if it doesn’t meet up to creatives funding criteria as it is the only problem we have seemed to be having for the month August, Capital Guild community is focused on just 3 main things. Onboarding of new members through our community projects, giving everyone a performance platform and and connecting to the web3 on all of our projects and activities, I am sorry we aren’t moving as fast as we ought to but this is because we have to carefully plan each step to make sure we are moving in line and accordingly this is why we are centered on just 4 Arts for now.

Fine art and
Musical NFTs.

We would really like you to reevaluate our proposal but if the @creativesdao-council think we need to make adjustments and corrections, we are happy to oblige as this too is a learning process for us and we are always ready to learn and improve. Thank you

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Hi @kc_sollano and the @creativesdao-council its is very surprising that the Capital guild “physical creative hub” is being compared with a gallery, we are talking of a hub where different creative works will be done and so much learning and finishing of projects, even possible Venue for our community projects and that of other communities, targeted at self sustainable goals and to also help reduce our dependence on the Funding rounds especially for event/project venues.

I’ll like to encourage our Moderators to also pay attention to community reports and previous proposals and compare to see how things a flowing, where we started from, where we are and where we are headed.
The Capital guild hub is by no means same with any others at the moment especially not in Africa at this time.

On this note we will like to plead that this proposal be reviewed as we are working with a targeted time frame and our community members are in tune with us and looking to kick off.

Take reference from our just concluded physical and Metavers Art exhibition

Expected guest where 50 but we had well over 80 guests present, and these arts created have to be kept somewhere where are one of ones and are physical unlockables, we basically have no place to safely keep them at this time and we have some creatives who have ideas and things to create even without funding but can only do so through the “Projected Creative Hub” Let us look again and reconsider to see that this proposal should not be closed.

As it is a learning process, there should be room for corrections and guidance, if one proposal is not in line, I believe it is kind to advise that it be either removed or replaced rather than close every other project from a community because one is not in line,
Capital guild since our first funding have grown and is growing and we have delivered to the latter every single project we have taken up with results to show for it

As mentioned by @ELKHUSH we are open to make corrections on this proposal rather than get am outright NO because of a single project.
Thanks as we await your response