[PROPOSAL] C1 Guild Telegram Sticker Pack

Good Day Fam, i was invited by @Dedeukwu to make Telegram sticker Pack for C1 Guild (⁠。⁠◕⁠‿⁠◕⁠。⁠) and i am really happy and excited to make this project soon,
I will make a Sticker pack for C1 Guild Telegram,
20 stickers for $400,
i also open for Council Ideas and suggestions for the 512x512 telegram Stickers,.

Thank you for trusting my works and Talent Love Yah guys :heart::heart:



hello Guys, My apology For delay as i suffer from a On and Off sickness this past few Weeks/ Month.
but here is the Report and Update about the sticker pack.

as You can see, Some Of the Sketches are different from the Final Output as i Remake the drafts.One by one to make it more better and well blended to the Color pallete of C1 Logo…

Telegram Sticker pack Link.