[PROPOSAL] Bounty for DAO Creatives


This is a bounty activity involving the community members. Here we agreed to challenge musicians, Digital Artists and a videographer to come up with content off their unique talent painting a picture depicting “HOPES FOR THE FUTURE”.

The musicians are expected to express themselves with an instrumental provided by the Dao, and display themselves as they sing along to their music.

Participants are also expected to post the video
With caption:

“Hopes for the Future” on their Instagram or twitter, follow and tag #Nearprotocol and #Spirityut as this would be entry Terms.

Tips for having higher chances of winning would be based on:

1: Genuineness of expression,

2: depiction of HOPE, community and Togetherness in musical creation,

The first Three winners from the music category will be given 80 DAI each, while another bounty for Graphic Artists would be added in the MIX. This Bounty will be based on first come first serve so they will be awarded 30 DAI each to create good music artwork for the winners of the music challenge. Afterwards, a videographer that signifies will be awarded 100 DAI for creating a new video for the first position from the music Category.

We shall be Minting these NFts in our MINTBASE store to mark the Bounty activity and also promote these materials in the web3 and externally in hope of creating hype for the contest and achieving sales in nft.

We aim to involve new community CREATIVES with this Bounty and give them a chance to get on their feet, display, and also get a chance to earn $NEAR TOKEN from this BOUNTY.


3 winners = 240 DAI

3 digital artistes = 90 DAI

1 videographer = 100 DAI

Winners from the Musical Challenge will be decided by Spirityut Council Members.

Address: spirityut.sputnik-dao.near