[PROPOSAL] BOTLOCK - ATTACK OF THE SYBIL: A bot onboarding & user analytics competition


The following proposal is for a Sybil Attack Quadratic Funding round to bring more humans on board, stress testing identity systems, and reward builders and data analysts for participating.

Based on the approval of this round, this will be scheduled from mid-June to early July. The Onboard DAO admin and community Analyst will facilitate it. We are requesting $20,000 as a reward to top onboarding and sybil attackers, with ⅛ of this for data scientists to generate insights.


The NEAR ecosystem has some of the most active users, but are they real? How can we begin to activate, verify, and mobilize these users? There is a lack of channeling these millions of users to other applications, so for the average application developer, the usage of the most used dApps has no significant impact on user acquisition for them. How do we turn abstracted users into transacting users to not only spend money on DeFI, but also support projects in the ecosystem,

Stats on Users Interacting with 2+ dApps 2+ Project User Interactions In Detail | MoDeFi | Flipside

Ultimately, our aim is to begin experimenting with ways to systematically mobilize these and new users and verify whether they are not bots.

In the past quarter, we have completed three quadratic funding rounds with minimal instances of bots. While there have been a dozen cases of bots, they haven’t been in the thousands like in the Gitcoin ecosystem or like airdrop farmers. While we emerge with new coordination tools that require unique humans for governance, we need more experimentation on robust sybil solutions.

As more and more communities want to run their round, we seek to modularize our stamps and even define a “valid” donor. To do this we need to further stress tests nada.bot’s implementation by running this mainnet simulation. Marketing DAO is currently running a marketing-based round on Potlock, which supports the onboarding but many of these onboarders are not developer oriented. Think of this as a builders’ rewards, rather than the battle of the Bots. The top-on-chain automators, such as farmers, are coordinating to exploit incentives. Additionally, we invite black hat hackers to try to hack the funding pool and get all the funds out. We are calling this a mix of Capture the Flag (CTF) and Quadratic Funding (QF) → Capture the Quadratic Funding (CTQF)


  • Drive retention and more profound conversion of new and past NEAR users into multi-contrsact interactions
  • Bring marketing awareness to a new set of developers into the NEAR ecosystem
  • Build better tracking tools for bots and fund community-oriented analysts
  • Test out engagement tools like raffles, quests, etc.
  • Support sybil attackers and those who can exploit the ecosystem
  • Raise awareness to black hats actors
  • Develop insights on different strategies for retention
  • Drive external capital. Align incentives.
  • Get more sybil providers onboard

How this round is different

  • Projects are allowed to fund wallets and recycle funds from donations back to new users
  • Projects are allowed to incentivize users through quest platforms
  • Projects are encouraged to create bot accounts and try to get across nada.bot matching system
  • Portion of pot will be given to the analyst to track and report bots accurately


  • Onboard DAO council can facilitate who is part of the round
  • Data Analyst onboarded through NEAR trusted Data providers

While the Potlock team and Plug will help facilitate and train Chefs, the Onboard DAO will primarily run this.

Relevance to OnboardDAO Ecosystem

  • Onboard users into other applications
  • Creates quest, games, and new incentive schemes for users and teams to gain familiar
  • Help understand retention metrics and provide more granular data on what it means to be a bot

About Potlock & Quadratic Funding

The Potlock Protocol, also known as the Open Funding Stack (OFS), allows anyone to generate and deploy end-to-end funding mechanisms to move value and evaluate impact across different new-generation blockchains connected via Chain Abstraction. A completely open-source protocol (MIT License), anyone is free to fork and deploy their own funding flow.

Potlock is the go to public goods funding platform on NEAR and utilizes elements like Web3 social, donations,and quadratic funding to build network effects around public goods

Round Details


Owner (who deploys pot) sybilattack.near
Admin(s) (optional) Selected council members at onboard dao
Chef Selected Data Analyst
Application Period ON APPROVAL - 2 WEEKS
Matching Period 2 WEEKS
Cooldown / Challenge Amount 1 week
Max Number of Applications 25
Fees Optional Fees 5% Sponsor Referrals, 5% donor referrals, 5% chef

Application Requirements

For a project to apply, it can be any dev team or crew; there are no requirements. It’s preferred that it be from existing projects, but anyone who is available to game the system. All you need to do is click apply with a description of your Sybil squad.

Funding Ask

$20,000 USD worth of NEAR ($2,500 to crowdsource data analyst + $17,500 goes directly to pot bot.v1.potfactory.near as the sybil pot)

Deliverables / OKRs

  • 1000 accounts onboarded, “500” humans that interact with 3+ contracts on NEAR
  • Round with 10 teams participating with at least at least 50 accounts each
  • Complete dashboards and report suspecting bots available to the public
  • A retroactive report on the success of the round made available to the public
  • Announcement article, video, and regular statistic graphics
  • 50,0000 total social media impressions
  • Understanding how different systems lead to different forms of retention


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Your proposal was approved for funding.