[PROPOSAL] Blog Post - $Marmaj token Guide for Ref Finance

My name is Gurubaran, and my near account is gurubaran.near

This proposal is for a new blog post on marmaj.org.

Proposal funding request: 10 $marmaj

The blog’s title would be the $marmaj token guide for Ref Finance.

The blog will cover all the details like:
How to register $marmaj token in the NEAR wallet
How to add $marmaj token in Ref Finance
How to convert $marmaj token to wNEAR/USDT/DAI
How to add liquidity to the Ref Finance pool and earn rewards
How to farm the claimed rewards

Timeline: The blog post will be ready for review on or before November 11. I would then make any necessary changes by November 14.

This blog post would support the community by creating awareness on utilizing the $marmaj tokens and earning additional rewards using Ref Finance.


This proposal looks great! Always great to have more resources/guides for how to interact with the MarmaJ assets, especially the marmaj token.

Some points:

Generally the simplest way to do this, as far as I am aware, is to receive some tokens from the wallet, or to withdraw some token from Ref Finance. Is there another way you would showcase?

For this point, do you mean showing users how to deposit marmaj into the exchange?

While there are pairs for marmai <-> wNEAR / marmaj <-> DAI there is no pair for marmaj <-> USDT, so in your guide were you thinking of showing that the swap would atually need two swaps?

This would be awesome! We are also thinking of rewarding community members that support the community by providing liquidity to the marmaj pairs :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

There is not currently any farming available for any marmaj token pairs, but this would be an interesting idea to implement in the future.

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