[APPROVED] Requesting funds to purchase MarmaJchan NFTs from Mintbase

For the month of November, the marmaj DAO has allocated ~475 NEAR for collecting MarmaJchan NFTs from community submissions. For the submissions that are minted on paras.id, the DAO can use on-chain proposals to purchase the NFTs directly from the Paras marketplace. For submissions that are minted on mintbase.io this is not currently possible.

In order to collect NFTs that have been submitted to be collected by the marmaj DAO that are minted on Mintbase, we have been using the “spreadthelove.near” account to make the purchases manually and then transfering the collected NFTs over to the DAO address “marmaj.sputnik-dao.near”.

This proposal is to request 10 marmaj to spreadthelove.near, which will be swapped to NEAR on ref.finance. The resulting NEAR will be used to collect the Mintbase NFTs.


This proposal is [APPROVED], please request your payout proposal :slight_smile: Looking forward to collecting the MarmaJchan’s on Mintbase!