[MM] - April 24, 2022

Meeting Minutes from the Marma J Community Call.
when? last Sunday of April

Updates from @chloe:

  • A great utility of the token is for users who receive marmaj from the DAO to provide liquidity in LP, then stake it in the Farm (Ref link below)
    various ways the DAO distributes tokens: Marma J Counsel calls, write a short story, write a blog post, live videos, etc.

  • This triple rewards farm is open! stNEAR-marmaj
    rewards earned: ref + pxt + marmaj
    -APR started ~900% and at 202% APR today
    -currently ~$100k USD deposited into this farm as liquidity
    -liquidity pool on Ref Finance

  • Full cycle overview: this is really helpful for the DAO, allowing it to take NEAR tokens from selling NFTs, grants from NEAR foundation, to the Marketing DAO, to the Creatives DAO, and thru various donations, initiatives & activities… The DAO deposits this NEAR into MetaPool, then holds stNEAR and is able to earn ~10% a year in staking rewards.

  • Overview cont’d: because of the LP on Ref Finance, the Marma J DAO is able to swap in a decentralized manner, from stNEAR to more marmaj tokens. that’s how the DAO gets more tokens to keep distributing.

  • Earlier this week: had an AMA with Ref Finance (I can include the link, if there’s a recording of this @chloe?)

  • Near Blocks: a new explorer for NEAR (that’s more similar to other EVM chains)

  • learned: can actually do up to 32 diff token rewards

My main goals as we head into May:

  • continue supporting PixelDapp games. next month will release their 4th game: CTT (Chain Team Tactics)
  • they transferred 5000 PXT to the Marma J DAO, which we’ll continue to use in rewards
  • other partners in the ecosystem will be transferring their own native tokens to the DAO, where we’ll use multicall as a way to get 32 diff fungible tokens on NEAR, and transfer into one DAO proposal to Ref. then Ref Finance will use those in the stNEAR-marmaj pool.
    current list: xREF, Aurora, Meta, stNEAR, paras (…btwn 10 to 12 tokens so far)
  • mission: to continue educating Marma J Community on NEAR ecosystem projects and defi concepts

EVENT: A workshop coming up! May 29th

  • create a NEAR wallet, make your first NFT, ask the DAO to purchase and collect your NFT
  • with those proceeds, will learn how to enter the marmaj-stNEAR farm, and start earning these farming rewards (on Ref)

Updates from Ashley on story contest:

  • lots of new submissions!
  • pls submit thru this page here (not thru DMs)
  • recap: purpose of this contest, how to submit and what to include in your entry
    purpose: show MarmaJChan as a main character in the story, reacting to a situation in a way that shows love, positivity, curiosity, caring for a sense of community. the story should have enough descriptions to enhance the reader’s understanding of setting. Good entries should include dialogue and action in the story.
    Would like to see fewer submissions in which MarmaJ pops in at the very end to “save the day.” The story should really be focus on her, her thoughts, her actions, what she pays attention to.
    Length: between 500 to 1000 words
  • Contest remains ongoing until 30 qualified entries are received.
  • Shoutout to Chloe’s Gamgam :heart_hands:
  • Rhoda: from open web sandbox

Updates on Cryptoheroes:

  • incentivized weekly raids for 3 levels of difficulty: easy, medium & hard
  • collaborative: groups of 8 players in a Raid Group, to battle a raid boss of increasing difficulties
  • purpose: to educate Marma J Community members on Gamefi and blockchain games in general. learn about blockchain storage, when buying dungeon keys, record raid battles results on the blockchain, etc.
  • PixelPets: merges 2 NFTs on the blockchain, to create a new NFT