Gilbert Chembe

Hello Everybody,
We are pleased to announce another month of exciting activities and make appropriate request for funding.

This activity is a bid to grow our DAO internally by encouraging members to onboard other people who are not previously members of other DAOs and eventually, they can join other DAOs if they so wish.

The bounty is a musical one which involves making music about the ecosystem, which will be minted on ReggaeDao’s store on Mintbase.

The Process.

  1. There will be a beat for everybody interested to record on. The beat will be downloaded from a google drive link and uploaded to the same but to a separate folder by contestants.

  2. Judges will select vocalists

  3. Winning vocalists will be announced.

  4. Winning vocalists will then select beats from @bigm007 @tjyoungy and @raditechoman and then record on the beats.

  5. As part of the bounty process, winning vocalists will face a task of onboarding a minimum of 5 fresh members which validates their requests for payments.

  6. Prizes for vocalists
    First Prize: 150usd, Second Prize: 100usd, Third Prize: 75usd

As for does who participated we are encorraging everyone by rewarding for ONBOARDING EXERCISE.

10 new active members with 1Near
Requesting 200usd in total to pay for those who add up members into reggaedao telegram chat :


3 Producers: 300usd
3 Vocalists: 325usd
For ONBOARDING: 200usd
Graphics: 100usd
Total: 925usd


Amazing :100::100::100:

Thank you for including me on this project
One love :heart:

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Hello @Jahzonemusician , here a few questions/observations on the proposal:

  • the figures don´t seem to add up to the total amount requested
  • it´s not very clear what exactly will be judged and how that will be judged to chose the winners.
  • No mention of who will judge.
  • overall, it could be quite helpful to re-assess the formatting of the proposal.

Thanks very much sir, will do it as possible
The 200 usd is for the the Onboarding new members into reggaedao telegram chat,
We need more members
So the rewards will go like this

10 new active members 1N
20 Active members 2N till the end of the Activities ,
This will be the interested part of the activity because we need to onbaod more members into ReggaeDAO telegram chat group
Since we have not been funded for June and July we are still working with the positive energy to multiply ReggaeDAO .
That’s why we are planning to reward those who can add new fresh members into the web3 ecosystems with some tokens of 10 active members and get one near , before receiving the near we would make sure the fresh members are active.
Hope that’s clear? But if not let me know so I change what’s not needed asap
Thanks once again sir