Proponent: jsc2022.near
Near account for payment: jsc2022.near

Project timeline: March 30 to April 30 (2022)

History: It is understood that logic is capable of promoting in subjects the ability to develop valid reasoning (extract a conclusion that is genuinely a logical consequence of a set of premises). In this sense, we believe that argumentation workshops (argument laboratory) can help the community in general to improve this skill through the use of rules of inference from Formal Logic and some principles of Informal Logic.

Through workshops on how to recognize the validity of arguments and fallacies, we intend to assist in the qualification of debates or discussions and, mainly, in the fight against disinformation and the dissemination of fakenews. The target audience of this project (to be broadcast on the YouTube channel of the Philosophers DAO) is the community in general (anyone interested in qualifying their argumentative skills) with the support of students of the disciplines of Logic 1 and 2 in the Undergraduate Course in Philosophy at UFPel. In all, there will be four videos with suggested readings and activities (with the help of monitors).

With the advance of disinformation in Brazil (and with the imminence of a presidential election) it becomes increasingly important to promote workshops that can help people to recognize reliable sources of information and develop the ability to recognize good arguments. We believe it is also an excellent opportunity for the growth of DAO and NEAR among academics and the general public. The links will be posted on the DAO Store and the student monitors will receive funding from NEAR, allowing them to get to know the community better and spread it among their friends and colleagues.

March 30 until April 10: recording videos, video editing and production of subtitles by jsc2022.near and graduation students of the Department of Philosophy at UFPel.
April 11-30: realease of the videos on YouTube and the links in DAO Store.

USD 200 in NEAR - PhD. Juliano do Carmo (jsc2022.near) for organizing the project and select students.
USD 100 in NEAR - Rafaela Nóbrega for video editing and production of subtitles.
USD 50 in NEAR for each of the four students that will monitor the interactions and activities of the workshops.
Total: USD 500 in NEAR.

04 published videos and activities in our YouTube Channel (Philosophers DAO) and DAO Store. 04 NFTs that will have NEAR sponsoring in the description, with the link for YouTube and a cover image (with the description linking with the videos) and with splits for the DAO at the DAO´s Store: philosophart.mintbase1.near - Minter.